Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Sideline Sweetie, Pageant Beauties, and oh Bourdain

Hey-Oh!! Been a while since I posted so I figured what better way to return than to post a few 2014 Ginters as a way a saying I have a whole bunch of base to trade.  I need to get a bunch of these out to better homes. I would have just stuck with posting the lovely ladies in this years set but I have noticed over the last month or so, a number of posts of people admiring cards of the traveling chef Anthony Bourdain.  And to gloat about my having one of his relic cards.... which I suppose could be traded for the right offer....yeah you may need to bring the heat to get that one....  Just let me know which base cards you need.... outside of Tanaka and Abreau I should have plenty  of them to trade--sorry none of those 2 guys to trade.  And yeah Jenny Dell is quite swell.  It seems NESN likes to hire some awesome female talent and I would be a strong supporter of every Ginter set having at least one former NESN babe in the set.... I nominate Heidi Watney for next year!!  

Just let me know what Ginter base you need... or minis I suppose... I have lots of them as well if you want to work out a real trade there.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shillin' for a chance at a '54 Duke Snider

If it gets me an extra chance at winning the 1954 Duke Snider at $30 a week habit, then heck yes I will pimp out the site!!!  So go on over to $30 a week habit and comment for a chance to win an awesome card!!!!

Did I mention you really should go over to $30 a week habit and get in on the action? Well do it!! You won't be disappointed!!

Since we are on the subject of 1954 Topps cards I might as well show off the 3 I have to trade....

I have 57 cards in the set so far.... still no where near enough to do a list of needs yet...but getting close....  so let's work out a deal for some commons!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I traded some Braves for some 1964 Topps off the ole want list....

One of the many joys of collecting cards is the occasions when you get to add another fellow collector to your circle of traders, and today I feature my haul from my first trade with one fellow collector and blogger.  In what I guess is a rare trade of vintage for modern, I sent a pile of Braves to Johnny's Trading Spot, including a bunch of Ginter minis--- I know who could have guessed--- for this nice collection of 64's from my wantlist.  
 I have to say that while none of the names are big, though there is one of those super cool topps all rookie team trophies, these are in really nice condition, something that many of my 1964s don't have.

As a set builder who has a long way to go with this set, I really dont have anything profound to say about any of these cards other than to say they all are very much needed and they get me that much closer to finishing the set.  Thanks for the great trade Johnny and hopefully we can pull off another one sometime soon.  

I know I have lots of folks out there to trade let me know if you want to pull the trigger on a trade.

Let's make a deal!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trade with gcrl

I have traded a few times with very dodger blue Garvey Cey Russell Lopes and well he always seems to outdo me, well way back in the beginning of this whole trading thing he sent me i think a 660 count box stuffed full of awesome Blue Jays cards and I have been trying to even the score ever since.  A few months ago I swore I had accomplished that feat... here are my attempts-- part 1 and part 2  and I really thought I had won. I mean I dont do no bipping but surely a pile of unannounced 1965's would win any trade right???? WRONG!! dang it Jim you trumped me again....  Yep there they are a pair of 1955s and 1956s  taken right off my wantlists.....I lose..... errr wait... I think I won!!! 55s and 56s will always win esp ones that are needed to finish a set.... off course if that was the extent of the package it would have been awesome

Nope those weren't all that he sent...  there they about half of what was my remaining 1978 wantlist.... blown the heck up to the point that these here are all that remain to be located:

1978 Topps want list:
 21 36 102  155 273 360 400 407 500 709 

and as always some nice current Blue Jay cards...and some old school Pirates... and I do love that Joe Carter card.... touch 'em all Joe, you'll never have a bigger hit than that!!!! 
That is all....  as I go back to the drawing board to figure out how to top grcl..... and you too can one up me in a trade by sending any 55's and 56s you have heck.... I have a pile of them to trade so we can work out a deal for them!!!  
Thanks for the trade.
Let's make a deal!!

Monday, October 06, 2014

2014 Allen and Ginter Case topper red mini pack

I have always done my set building a little different than most collectors. I have the compulsion to build and finish sets, but lack the gambler mentality that leads one to rip lots of wax looking for the big hit.  I tend browse ebay buying the left over lots of disappointment.  This year I have switched things up a bit, with Ginter having the red mini /33 set only coming in the 5 card 1 per case packs, while buying as many of these in lots that I can I have also taken to purchasing unopened 5 packs as well(for bargain prices --of course).  Here is the results of 1 such package.  
Obviously one of these is not like the other, which means I shouldn't have assumed that the packaging saying 5 exclusive mini parallel cards, didn't just mean red border /33s.  I have seen these listed on ebay from time to time, and wasnt sure if people were talking about the super mini 1/1s that come from the mini mini rip cards, or something else.  I seen listing talking about mini 1/1s that are in retail boxes, but i haven't read too much about them either.  I wondered if maybe they were included inside the boxtops like the full sized glossy 1/1s.  I guess not, so if anyone was wondering, turns out the glossy mini 1/1s are mixed in with the red minis.

If you are interested the Arenado and Portnoy are for trade as well as the Napoli I suppose.  Heck for that matter if anyone collects wrappers, the wrapper is available as well.  

I should add if anyone reading this has any red border /33 minis I am more than willing to trade... I am over 50% complete on this set.

Let's make a deal!!!!