Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I traded some Braves for some 1964 Topps off the ole want list....

One of the many joys of collecting cards is the occasions when you get to add another fellow collector to your circle of traders, and today I feature my haul from my first trade with one fellow collector and blogger.  In what I guess is a rare trade of vintage for modern, I sent a pile of Braves to Johnny's Trading Spot, including a bunch of Ginter minis--- I know who could have guessed--- for this nice collection of 64's from my wantlist.  
 I have to say that while none of the names are big, though there is one of those super cool topps all rookie team trophies, these are in really nice condition, something that many of my 1964s don't have.

As a set builder who has a long way to go with this set, I really dont have anything profound to say about any of these cards other than to say they all are very much needed and they get me that much closer to finishing the set.  Thanks for the great trade Johnny and hopefully we can pull off another one sometime soon.  

I know I have lots of folks out there to trade let me know if you want to pull the trigger on a trade.

Let's make a deal!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trade with gcrl

I have traded a few times with very dodger blue Garvey Cey Russell Lopes and well he always seems to outdo me, well way back in the beginning of this whole trading thing he sent me i think a 660 count box stuffed full of awesome Blue Jays cards and I have been trying to even the score ever since.  A few months ago I swore I had accomplished that feat... here are my attempts-- part 1 and part 2  and I really thought I had won. I mean I dont do no bipping but surely a pile of unannounced 1965's would win any trade right???? WRONG!! dang it Jim you trumped me again....  Yep there they are a pair of 1955s and 1956s  taken right off my wantlists.....I lose..... errr wait... I think I won!!! 55s and 56s will always win esp ones that are needed to finish a set.... off course if that was the extent of the package it would have been awesome

Nope those weren't all that he sent...  there they about half of what was my remaining 1978 wantlist.... blown the heck up to the point that these here are all that remain to be located:

1978 Topps want list:
 21 36 102  155 273 360 400 407 500 709 

and as always some nice current Blue Jay cards...and some old school Pirates... and I do love that Joe Carter card.... touch 'em all Joe, you'll never have a bigger hit than that!!!! 
That is all....  as I go back to the drawing board to figure out how to top grcl..... and you too can one up me in a trade by sending any 55's and 56s you have heck.... I have a pile of them to trade so we can work out a deal for them!!!  
Thanks for the trade.
Let's make a deal!!

Monday, October 06, 2014

2014 Allen and Ginter Case topper red mini pack

I have always done my set building a little different than most collectors. I have the compulsion to build and finish sets, but lack the gambler mentality that leads one to rip lots of wax looking for the big hit.  I tend browse ebay buying the left over lots of disappointment.  This year I have switched things up a bit, with Ginter having the red mini /33 set only coming in the 5 card 1 per case packs, while buying as many of these in lots that I can I have also taken to purchasing unopened 5 packs as well(for bargain prices --of course).  Here is the results of 1 such package.  
Obviously one of these is not like the other, which means I shouldn't have assumed that the packaging saying 5 exclusive mini parallel cards, didn't just mean red border /33s.  I have seen these listed on ebay from time to time, and wasnt sure if people were talking about the super mini 1/1s that come from the mini mini rip cards, or something else.  I seen listing talking about mini 1/1s that are in retail boxes, but i haven't read too much about them either.  I wondered if maybe they were included inside the boxtops like the full sized glossy 1/1s.  I guess not, so if anyone was wondering, turns out the glossy mini 1/1s are mixed in with the red minis.

If you are interested the Arenado and Portnoy are for trade as well as the Napoli I suppose.  Heck for that matter if anyone collects wrappers, the wrapper is available as well.  

I should add if anyone reading this has any red border /33 minis I am more than willing to trade... I am over 50% complete on this set.

Let's make a deal!!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

1964 Topps want list

I at least have a few of the higher end cards from '64....The Banks and Killer are in pretty decent shape...while the Wille is a gem mint Tipton.... waves and all!!! I still need a bunch of these. Thanks for looking!!!

1 Koufax / Ells / Friend League Leaders
2 Peters / Pizarro / Pascual League Leaders
3 Koufax / Marichal / Spahn League Leaders
6 Pascual / Bunning / Stigman League Leaders
8 Yaz / Kaline / Rollins League Leaders
9 Aaron / McCov / Mays / Cep League Leaders
10 Killebre With Stuart / Allison League Leaders
11 Aaron / Boyer / White League Leaders
12 Stuart / Kaline / Killebrew League Leaders
19 Don Wert
20 Bob Friend
21 Yogi Berra
25 Bill Monbouquette
27 New York Mets Team Checklist
28 Claude Osteen
29 Lou Brock
34 Jim Perry
35 Eddie Mathews
38 Jim Wynn RC
40 Dick Groat
43 Roy Sievers
45 Milt Pappas
49 Bill Henry
50 Mickey Mantle
58 Don Demeter
64 Ted Abernathy
68 Willie Davis
69 Clete Boyer
70 Joe Torre
73 Jimmie Hall RC
74 B.Priddy RC / T.Butters
75 Wayne Causey
78 Merritt Ranew
85 Pete Ward
86 Al Downing
88 John Roseboro
95 George Altman
100 Elston Howard
101 Walt Alston
103 Curt Flood
106 Joe Nuxhall
109 Rusty Staub
111 Don Elston
112 Bob Tillman
116 J.Ward RC / T.Oliva
120 Don Drysdale
124 Orlando Pena
125 Pete Rose
128 Mickey Lolich RC
133 Jim Grant
134 Don Zimmer
135 Johnny Callison
136 Sandy Koufax World Series #1
138 Ron Fairly World Series #3
139 Frank Howard World Series #4
146 T.John RC / B.Chance RC
154 Dick Tracewski RC
155 Duke Snider
158 Ken Johnson
164 Bud Daley
175 Billy Williams
182 C.Yastrzemski / C.Schilling
185 Jim O'Toole
190 Bobby Richardson
191 Clay Dalrymple
194 John Goryl
200 Sandy Koufax
202 Galen Cisco
203 John Kennedy RC
204 Matty Alou
205 Nellie Fox
206 Steve Hamilton
210 Carl Yastrzemski
211 Jim Coker
213 Los Angeles Angels Team Checklist
215 Ray Herbert
216 Mike de la Hoz
222 Billy Pierce
223 George Banks
224 Tommie Sisk
225 Roger Maris
227 Barry Latman
230 Brooks Robinson
233 Hal Smith
235 Ron Hunt
236 Bill Faul
237 Chicago Cubs Team Checklist
240 Bill White
241 Jim Owens
243 R.Allen RC / J.Hernstein
244 Tony LaRussa RC
245 Dick Stigman
247 Dave DeBusschere
249 Doug Camilli
250 Al Kaline
252 Ken Aspromonte
255 Lee Thomas
256 Johnny Weekly
257 San Francisco Giants Team Checklist
260 Frank Robinson
261 Jim Hannan
263 Chuck Estrada
267 Wilbur Wood RC
268 D.Murtaugh / B.Virdon
272 Jake Wood
274 Checklist 4
276 Jose Tartabull
277 Ken Retzer
279 Joe Koppe
280 Juan Marichal
282 Bob Bruce
283 Tom McCraw RC
286 Don Landrum
287 T.Conig.RC / B.Spans.RC
293 Philadelphia Phillies Team
295 Roger Craig
296 Ed Kirkpatrick
300 Hank Aaron
304 Bob Johnson
306 Willie Mays / O.Cepeda
312 F.Fisher RC / F.Gladding RC
314 Jerry Buchek
318 Minnesota Twins Team Checklist
321 Bob Lillis
322 George Brunet
324 Casey Stengel
325 Hector Lopez
331 Maris / Cash / Mantle / Kaline
334 Lew Krausse
342 Willie Stargell
343 Washington Senators Team
344 Phil Linz
345 Frank Thomas
346 Joey Jay
349 Art Fowler
350 Willie McCovey
353 Wally Moon
354 Dave Giusti
357 Charley James
360 Joe Pepitone
361 Jay Hook
362 Checklist 5
364 Joe Gaines
368 F.Ackley RC / D.Buford RC
371 Frank Howard
372 Howie Koplitz
373 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Checklist
375 Ronnto
376 Dave Morehead
378 W.Woodward RC / J.Smith
379 Tony Gonzalez
380 Whitey Ford
381 Bob Taylor
382 Wes Stock
383 Bill Rigney
386 Lenny Green
387 Terry Fox
390 Orlando Cepeda
393 C.Stengel / E.Kranepool
394 Bob Miller
395 Tom Tresh
400 Warren Spahn
402 Tom Sturdivant
404 Tony Martinez
406 Al Spangler
407 Bill Freehan
409 Bill Fischer
410 Dick Stuart
412 Ray Culp
414 Jacknford
415 Tony Kubek
418 D.Knowles RC / B.Narum RC
419 Ken Harrelson RC
420 Jim Maloney
423 H.Aaron / W.Mays
425 Norm Cash
427 Don Rudolph
428 A.Skeen RC / P.Smith RC
429 Tim McCarver
430 Juan Pizarro
432 Ruben Amaro
433 New York Yankees Team
434 Don Nottebart
435 Vic Davalillo
437 Ed Bailey
438 Checklist 6
440 Roberto Clemente
442 Pumpsie Green
444 Larry Jackson
446 Julian Javier
447 Ted Bowsfield
448 Cookie Rojas
449 Deron Johnson
451 Joe Amalfitano
452 G.Garrido RC / J.Hart RC
454 Tommie Aaron
455 Bernie Allen
456 W.Parker RC / J.Werhas RC
457 Jesse Gonder
458 Ralph Terry
459 P.Charton RC / D.Jones RC
460 Bob Gibson
461 George Thomas
462 Birdie Tebbetts
463 Don Leppert
464 Dallas Green
465 Mike Hershberger
466 D.Green RC / A.Monteagudo RC
467 Bob Aspromonte
468 Gaylord Perry
469 F.Norman RC / S.Slaughter RC
470 Jim Bouton
471 Gates Brown RC
472 Vern Law
473 Baltimore Orioles Team Checklist
474 Larry Sherry
475 Ed Charles
476 R.Carty RC / D.Kelley RC
477 Mike Joyce
479 D.Bakenhaster RC / J.Lewis RC
481 Chuck Schilling
482 J.Briggs RC / D.Cater RC
483 Fred Valentine RC
484 Bill Pleis
485 Tom Haller
486 Bob Kennedy
487 Mike McCormick
488 P.Mikkelsen RC / B.Meyer RC
489 Julio Navarro
490 Ron Fairly
491 Ed Rakow
492 J.Beauchamp RC / M.White RC
494 Al Jackson
495 Bill Virdon
496 Chicago White Sox Team
497 Jeoff Long RC
499 C.Slamon RC / G.Seyfried RC
500 Camilo Pascual
502 B.Knoop RC / B.Lee RC
503 Earl Wilson
504 Claude Raymond
505 Stan Williams
506 Bobby Bragan
507 Johnny Edwards
508 Diego Segui
509 G.Alley RC / O.McFarlane RC
510 Lindy McDaniel
511 Lou Jackson
512 W.Horton RC / J.Sparma RC
513 Don Larsen
514 Jim Hickman
517 Checklist 7
518 Carl Bouldin
520 Jack Baldschun
521 Tomtriano
522 Bob Tiefenauer
523 Lou Burdette
524 J.Dickson RC / B.Klaus RC
525 Al McBean
526 Lou Clinton
527 Larry Bearnarth
528 D.Duncan RC / T.Reynolds RC
529 Alvin Dark
530 Leon Wagner
531 Los Angeles Dodgers Team
532 B.Bloomfield RC / J.Nossek RC
533 Johnny Klippstein
534 Gus Bell
535 Phil Regan
536 L.Elliot / J.Stephenson RC
537 Dan Osinski
538 Minnie Minoso
540 Luis Aparicio
541 P.Roof / P.Niekro RC
542 Don Mincher
543 Bob Uecker
544 S.Hertz RC / J.Hoerner RC
545 Max Alvis
546 Joe Christopher
547 Gil Hodges
548 W.Schurr RC / P.Speckenbach RC
549 Joe Moeller
550 Ken Hubbs MEM
551 Billy Hoeft
552 T.Kelley RC / S.Siebert RC
553 Jim Brewer
554 Hank Foiles
555 Lee Stange
556 S.Dillon RC / R.Locke RC
557 Leo Burke
558 Don Schwall
559 Dick Phillips
560 Dick Farrell
561 D.Bennett RC / R.Wise RC
562 Pedro Ramos
563 Dal Maxvill
564 J.McCabe RC / J.McNertney RC
565 Stu Miller
566 Ed Kranepool
567 Jim Kaat
568 P.Gagliano RC / C.Peterson RC
569 Fred Newman
572 D.Gray RC / D.Egan
573 Jim Duffalo
574 Manny Jimenez
576 J.Hinsley RC / B.Wakefield RC
577 Gordy Coleman
578 Glen Hobbie
579 Boston Red Sox Team Checklist
580 Johnny Podres
581 P.Gonzalez / A.Moore RC
582 Rod Kanehl
583 Tito Francona
585 Tony Taylor
587 Bennie Daniels

Monday, September 29, 2014

"trade" with JediJeff

 I think, that by this time, most people have been fortunate enough to have received at least one PWE from JediJeff of 2x3heroes fame, if not, proceed there immediately and sign up for his Club PWE.  Ok are you back?  These are some of the awesome cards Jeff sent in his last mailing to me, as always I start off with the minis!! Not just any ole minis but 4 from my wantlists, and that in itself always make a great package.  2 2012 ginter gold minis, a 2011 Kimball Champions Ernie Banks and a 2012 Ginter people of the bible insert PB-5 Jonah.  The Kimball Ernie Banks dropped my list to 1 card to finish-- 66 Yogi Berra, and thanks to the Jeff's most recent post in which he showed off his LCS trip and Kimball haul from there.... it appears Jeff is going to knock of the YOGI!!! Be prepared for a Joy of a Completed Set post at some point in the future!!  The Jonah mini cut my list to refinish the bible inset set to just 2.

2012 Ginter mini inset People of the Bible set wants: 3 4

Jeff didnt just hit my Ginter mini collections, he also set along an Adam Lind GQ relic and some cards that I just dont get in trades--EVER-- Framed Masterpieces!!!!  2 of them to be exact... the Jose Reyes is a blue framed /50 and the Ryan Braun is a black frame, I know Jeff sent that one along because well i dont think he is a fan of I win!!!  The other 4 masterpieces look like 07 base cards but they are the glossy inserts from 08 or so...  I think only Red Sox and Yankee cards were featured like this.

Of course if these were the only cards Jeff had sent, I would have been estatic.. but no there were more!
6 Penguins well I suppose you could make that 7 as the Parkhurst (my first Parkhurst card btw) features a cameo of future Penguin Zarley Zalapski.  Love that name.  I love the Prizm Sid and the UD Black Diamond Kunitz is flat out awesome looking, so uhh if anyone wants to unload any Penguins from that set, feel free to send them to me!!!

Last but not least some vintage 1964 model Pirates and an Indian... always enjoy some local team vintage!  and a few more jays....  

thanks for the package jeff and I look forward to the next mail day coming from the Land of Lincoln!! 
as always let's make  a deal!!!!!!!