Sunday, September 11, 2016

Joy of a COMPLETED Page-- 2016 Gypsy Queen Purple Mini /250 edition

I am never really sure what to say about the cards in a completed page write up... I mean we all know who the players are....what do I need to add.....other than to say the Bryce Harper was the last one acquired, which seems fitting as I suppose its the star of the lot.... although at one time the Sano RC would have seemed to be on pace to take that spot.
now I suppose I could have posted these just to brag that hey look everyone I have a page full of /250 cards, and, well I guess I have just done that!  Which leads to the obvious outcome of all this...why yes of course I am building this set and the /99 and /50 minis as well....because why not... i am mini insane! So if you have any of these GQ minis yet me know and we can work out a deal...I still need to many of the /99 and /50 to do a list but here are the /250s I need:

2016 Gypsy Queen purple mini /250 needs: 2 7 61 73 74 79 111 116 133 139 157 159 163 177 193 205 206 212 215 220 232 237 241 243 257 264 274 283 284 289 291 293 296 298 317 320 336 337 343

Thanks for reading...and as always...Let's make a DEAL!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Janice from Accounting, just don't give a fuck....

Here is the Janice from Accounting that i was referring to in the last post...

So I guess that makes Chris the winner....  of course jeff left us the video of Janice clips and well I have no idea if John gave another reference.... but hey as far as I am concerned, no one who reads this blog or leaves a comment would ever send out cards like that.....well that makes everyone a winner.... so in that spirit.... so everyone just post team or player/s that you would like some ginter or GQ minis from...or well other brands as well....  just leave that info in comments and I will try and get them sent out to you.... if you want to work out an actual trade....I can do that as well......

and Chris of Nachos Grande fame the one and only fanofreds if you have read this far...I have a number of higher end stuff from some of your lists and would be looking to deal

Thanks for reading and well as always Lets make a deal!!!

How not to ship cards...

I really don't know what to add...this picture pretty much says it all...1000 2015 ginter minis shipped like, well, the seller, just don't give a fuck.... I must have purchased the cards from Janice in accounting.....fist person who gets that reference and comments .... tell me your team and some minis are coming your way.  Anyway spent $100 on it.... and well.... I just don't know....

If you need to get rid of your 2016 minis...let me know I am always looking!!!

Here are some of my current needs:

2016 Gypsy Queen base mini: 25 27 37 59 66 160 233 254 263 296 336 340 344 345

2016 Gypsy Queen mini variations: 30 44 67 90 133 144

2015 Gypsy Queen base mini: 169

2015 Allen and Ginter base mini: 2 83 85 177

2015 Allen and Ginter AG back mini: 56 108 322 343 347 348

2015 Allen and Ginter black border mini: 10 18 19 28 38 86 134 138 178 184 192 224 234 241 306 313 314 315 324 326 328 341 349 350

and I will be doing all the ginger mini sets this many to make lists this soon....

thanks and Lets make a DEAL!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Yep, I do collect Gypsy Queen minis!!!

This whole posting thing has gotten to be a problem for me, though I am still collecting and trying to make trades! So, in honor  of my horrible posting record...this will be one of those bad posts that doesn't include any pictures, though it will include as the title suggests an answer to question that I was posed a while back.  and wantlists of course!

I do have a need to give a shout out Jeff at 2x3 heroes, Chris at nachos grande and Colby at cardboardcollections.... for the great trades in the past few months....yep I am way behind posting the trades...and I do have plans to get them wrote this rate probably sometime in the next 10 years..... are the GQ minis I am looking for:

2015 Gypsy Queen mini:  305 WHITEY FORD

2013 Gypsy Queen mini--reg: 1 19 50 87 91 114 131 150 162 202 204 208 209 213 218 230 288 290 292 307 309 346

    variations: 19 82 260 315

2014 Gypsy Queen mini--reg: 16 22 30 50 72 93 100 145 202 225 249 276 302 303 306 312 316 319 320 322 327 329 334 338 340 343 344 345 346 349 350

     variations: 320 344 346

I am also working on the 2015 /199 mini silver set as well.

Oh no lists to post yet but I am working on all the 2016 mini sets as if you some of them to trade or are looking for them....I am ready to deal.

Lets get trading!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

1956 Topps wants...

This has been my favorite set to build over the last few years and while I was going slow and steady, the last few months I decided to kick it up a notch and well.... I am down to pretty much just the high dollar cards at this point... in the last year or so I have been able to hit some pretty nice card shows and these are fun to look at and purchase in person..... not sure if i have even done any trades to build this set but I will put the list out there...btw I do have a number of doubles of mostly common players so if you are interested in any 56s.... let me know and we can work out a deal....

1956 Topps: 5 8 20 30 33 79 101 110 113 130 135 146 150 166 200 213 251 260 292 293 324 

seriously how can you not like a set featuring action drawings of an American League pitcher beating out a wild throw to first base, just one of many great action pictures in the set.  I will try to post some more of the great cards as I get a chance... all of them will be up for trade.... yep you can trade for this gem right here!!!