Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mail Day

I just received a great package from Ed from dairy country or as we like to call it: the land of Thorzul. Ed knocked off a whole bunch of my 2009 Topps series 1 that I needed, I am now close enough to taste it! I will put what I need at the end of the post, so if you want to help me out there is the list. Ed also include a few Blue Jays cards, a couple of which are really nice and well he had already posted about them, so he has the images---which I am now going to try and use---let's see if this works. Well that didn't work....I guess I am not a bandwidth thief! Instead I just emailed Ed for the images. Let's try this:

Damn those are nice cards! The first images on my blog! I have hit a milestone. Oh yea the cards, the Vernon is oh so shiny!!! The Rios card is my first Mayo. I have to just say no.....I cannot afford to like another, 2009 Allen and Ginter is coming soon, must save my money. Thanks Ed! I am working on a nice pile of Brewers as I am writing this.

2009 Topps Series 1

11 19 45 55 189 249 297 299 321


Anonymous said...

Glad you like the cards!

That Heritage set is pretty nice, are you sure you can hold out for A & G?

Duane said...

I have no desire to chase all those crazy SP's. I have to draw the line somewhere, as I sit here bidding on all the 08 A&G crazy SP's. ummm never mind...I really have no self-control, just not enough cash to chase everything that I like. Yeah that's it.