Sunday, July 24, 2011

Joy of a completed page--2008 Sp Authentic edition

My latest collecting adventure is going for the rookie auto portion of 2008 Sp Authentic...... and for the first completed page of these cards....not the most impressive group of rookie autos...... When Brent Lillibridge is the star of the page....well you know its not a strong portion of the checklist.....

I have gotten most of the set covered these are all that i have left to acquire: 110 113 118 120 124 126 132 141 147 150 161 164 172 182 183 187 188 189

If you have any of those rookie autos....I am looking to deal!


Anonymous said...

this was my plan, too. But I haven't started yet, so I have nothing to trade. curious as to how you got started?

Duane said...

I had acquired a few through...hell i dont know how i got the first couple of shitty one.....but it always nagged at me knowing that i liked the base 1-100 set and yet i knew it wasnt really a finished i just started buying the suckers.....i have a good many extras that i can trade or something....get you off to a good of my extras is a Jay Bruce!