Thursday, May 24, 2012

My first ebay auction......

I have finally done it!!! I have posted an auction on ebay and trying to sell!!!! So I might as well pimp it out here.... And I bet its a shock to find out that i am selling..... drumroll.......... GINTER MINIS!!!! 2011 Ginter black border pick 10 to be precise.

2011 Ginter Black mini Pick 10 Ebay auction

If this one sells good... I will probably post more pickems..... or if u r interested we can always TRADE!!! that is what i prefer....but it seems all the ginter mini collectors have given up..... I am working on all the 2011s and the black border sets from 2008 on..... ok that is all for now....if u could give my auction a look see that would be great....

as always lets make a deal~~~~

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