Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No cereal, but plenty of Post in this post

I admit I have a bit of a soft spot for these early 60s Post cereal box cut out cards, and I really have no idea why.  They just seem all sorts of cool to me, so while I have no illusions of completing any of these sets, when I get I chance to snag some cheap, well I don't hesitate to buy them.  These are the Posts cards that I picked up at the card show I mentioned in the previous post where I finished my 1960 set.  In the same mark down box where I snagged the Yogi for $10, I found that wonderful Koufax marked down from 50 to $5 thanks to that wonderful crease through the picture...now I cannot express how fast a 62 Koufax for only $5 ends up in my pile!!!  That is a purchase I am quite proud of, love that card.  The other 7 all came from a 50% off box at another sellers's table... and they all were marked .50 before mark, yep for .25/card I nabbed all 7 making a nice little 6.75 spent on 8 awesome Post cards.  One note on the other 7 is that Dean Chance is a legend in the north central Ohio area and he hails from a town less than an hour from where I live.  Getting this card in hand has lead me to the conclusion that I really need to add as many Dean Chance cards to my collection as possible.  So if you got some spare Dean Chance's--- send 'em my way.

Ok next I will try and get some of the 1956 and older cards I picked up from the show.....of course who knows when I will get them posted....  

thanks for reading and LET'S MAKE A DEAL!!!

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