Monday, June 08, 2009

Kige Ramsey rules!

I was all set to put up a Ray Halladay card because well it was a heck of a Halladay, but in making a stupid comment on a great video by dayf I realized I had to look up Kige and see what he is up to these days. Kige did not disappoint. Kige is pretty good. If you do not know of Kige Ramsey shame on you. Kige is pretty good. When you need hard hitting sports analysis you must tune in to Kige. Kige is multi talented now as well, he has a medical show, a relationship show---eat shit Dr. Phil--, a dining name it Kige can do it. Any way here is a taste:

I have to say Kige is pretty good. Like Sprite Zero, a pretty good drink. Which is pretty good. Like Diet Sierra Mist. Which is pretty good.

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