Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best cards--2010

Ok technically these are the best cards I have received in trade in 2010, or at least my favorite!
The 2 minis in the top row are the first 2 ext minis that I have gotten in trade and they both came from Baltimore's best card blogger.....Beardy, one half of the unstoppable blogging force known The Mojo Beard. I would love to trade for any EXT minis that anyone would like to trade!
The other card on the top row is one that I have needed to finish my 1988 Score football set since probably 1990 and it arrived to me via my favorite trading parter Bradentuckys finest roller derby fan The Collective Troll. THE BARRY SANDERS ROOKIE!!! Yee HAW the TROLL rules!!!!!
The last 3 cards all come courtesy of Jeremy of the great blog that no one reads. A worlds saltiest sailor and 2 custom made cards...... These are the first 2 custom cards i have ever gotten..... A Willie Stargell and 1 of me I guess.......or at least my blogging alter ego..... Totally AWESOME!!!

Thanks guys for the great cards....oh I know there were many other great cards but these all have special meaning for me. Looking forward to more great trades in 2011.

as always Lets make a deal!!!!

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Jeremy said...

I'm glad you liked the cards. I've been looking through your wantlists to see if I have anything you need.