Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am still around!

Wow this is getting to be a habit of mine..... completely neglecting the blog. Well I am still around, still buying and I have even sent out a few trades in the last month. I need to step up on the trade front for sure. I have also knocked off a couple of the sets that I have been working on..... 2009 Allen Ginter Ad Back minis!!! and the 2007 Masterpieces Green Linen! Of course I still need a Windsor Green Clemente to finish that set. I will try to get some scans up of my final cards on those sets....

I have just a few cards left to finish off the 2010 Ginter mini sets..... I need 2 well 3 I suppose to finish of the reg back set...
2010 Ginter reg back needs:
40 Carlos Beltran
230 Brian Roberts
401 crazy card of broke down phenom pitcher

and these are the few that I need to finish the A&G back mini set:
302 Daric Barton
331 Huston Street
334 Brett Myers
338 Francisco Liriano
344 Derek Holland

as always lets make a deal.......

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