Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Quirky collection completed! 50/50

 The 2009 Allen and Ginter  set had a unique feature that I decided to collect.  Unlike all other years the 2009 No Number minis(NNO) had the print run on the back.  While we have always known that these were limited to a production of 50 per card, unlike the bazooka backs they were never numbered so it always seemed to make the NNO minis not seem as special or short printed, but now they had the hand written numbers on the back so I decided what the heck might as well gather them up.    I knew I was never going to be able to collect all 350 so I had to decide what i was going to collect, when I came up with the idea to collect 1 of each number as in a 1/50, 2/50, 3/50 etc....   which turned out to be a pain in the ass for a lot of ebay listing either dont list the numbering or dont show the back of the card.
 Even so I made a good run of it and for the last year or so I was stuck with 1 card to go: the  26/50  such a random number to be left with.  Finally a couple of weeks ago I finally found it, and I think it was a somewhat fitting card for such an obscure quest.... Vincent Van Gogh a true masterpiece if I must say....though not a Masterpieces.....  for that is an entirely different fool's errand...  right Jeff????

I didnt have any requirements on what cards I was getting and there are some players that are in here more that once, heck Max Scherzer makes it 3 times!  I think Matt Garza and Jeff Clement and David DeJesus are the others who are in there twice.  I have tried to put the best card or at least the player I like best or more favorite non-player into the slots.....  tells u a couple of things....  so of these cards go pretty cheap so i have a bunch of them and that i must have a dreadful selection for Jeff Clement to make it twice....    so very true!   though I do have a few in reserve that should make it in if I make an effort to upgrade.  

Well if you have made it this far and there are any of these that interest you let me know... I may have some backups for that slot...or if you have any of these of your own that you would want to trade me let me know... I will never pass up a good mini.....

Oh I have been working on the Bazooka back /25 version of this as well though I am not to close on it....if u have any of them from 09 that you would like to trade....I would be interested in them as well....

Lets make a deal!!!!

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