Thursday, November 01, 2012

Don't touch my Willie's

But I will gladly take any Willies off your hands!!!!  I have seen that Willie is in some of the 2012 sets and I will gladly trade from my massive stock of Ginter minis or base cards for your Willie's.  I am always looking to trade and I have the ability to knock off a lot of ginter base checklists....or reg back mini lists as well.... heck i can put together pretty good team packs of ginter minis as well....  and as always I am looking for ginter minis to finish my sets as well.... check out the wantlist link to the side for my lists....

There are 2 ginter minis not on the lists that I am looking for as well.....  2010 reg back mini 247 Rajai  Davis and 2011 Ginter mini black frame 348 Russell Martin  any got either of these cards????

and just so you know.....  Don't touch my Willie... video version...

as always let's make a deal!!!

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