Saturday, October 05, 2013

I has my YAZ!!!!

Knock a big one off my 1960 Topps want list....  The YAZ rookie card is all mine!!!!!  How much is there to say about this awesome card!!!  sure its got some creases, and a few divots on the front..just more evidence it has been well loved.... no holes and no paper loss and no will look good in the binder.....  well if there is any chance someone out there has some 1960s to trade..... I would love to make a deal with you....i have a ton of 60s to trade though i only need a few more to finish off this set that was so awesome Topps broke the mold on horizontal cards forever.....

1960 Topps wants:
102 115 160 316 343 361 381 394 445 480 537 

Lets make a deal  

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Play at the Plate said...

One of my top two wants is that Yaz. Congrats on a very nice pickup!