Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The joy of completing another page.... the agony of still being 1 card short of a set.....

These here would be 2010 ginter mini regular backs numbered from 345-400  and while its not a complete set yet.... I figured I would give everyone a nice view of the 2010 exts.....  Last week I was able to acquire my next to last needed card #378 Albert Pujols, which completed the next to last page.

So if anyone has any idea where my last card is I would be willing to trade big for it....wait, I haven't mentioned which card I need have I.... well there is a good story for it... as I had actually bought this card on ebay last year and the seller never shipped it and I got a full refund from ebay.  Anyways now I get to try and find #375 KURT SUZUKI one more time......  if you got any leads let me know... THANKS!!!

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