Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ebay Global Shipping Program---what the hell???

I need some help trying to get out of this mess.....  I had signed up for the program, thinking it was an easy way to ship international and well  once I sold an item--well actually 3 as the buyer took advantage of combined shipping... the buyer told me about all the crazy charges they add on, plus I found out I have to ship all 3 items separate, so there goes combining.  Anyone had experience getting out of this after a sale?  I know in looking for ways via google.... I have found lots of people with issues but no good way to fix after a sale.


Matt Pederson said...

Been there, man. The way I have had to deal with it is to send the buyer an invoice through Paypal. It won't show up as "paid" on Ebay, but it will allow you to accept the fund from the buyer & you will still be able to leave feedback. This is what an Ebay CSR told me the first time I dealt with it.

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Terrible program. As a buyer the global shipping program ranges in terms of costs between $20-$40 per card so I can also go for really high-end cards to make it worthwhile and hence eBay now shut me down for the rest. Combined shipping is also not possible. One option is for you to cancel the trade and relist without Global Shipping and just regular shipping (and he can BIN), that solves it for the buyers as well...good luck !