Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cards from the TROLL

I have been very slow in getting these posted. I got another package from the TROLL a while back. I know it had a bunch of 2009 A&G minis that I needed and a couple of relics from 08 Ginter as well. We have all seen all of these cards so I just pulled a couple to scan. I can't remember if there were any other cards in the package or not.

A couple of quick updates: I am down to needing 3 cards from 2009 A&G base: 65 128 316
5 cards from 2009 A&G regular back mini: 5 132 136 260 311
1 card from the 2008 A&G regular back minis: 350
I am also down to just 90 more from the 09 A&G ad back mini set as well.

It looks like I have hit my first snag in a trade. A package that I sent out about 2 weeks ago hasn't arrived yet, total bummer.
I have a random package from Dan, the Cheap Seat Saint, that I need to get scanned in as well.
I am working on a couple of trades as well, and I will probably post a most wanted list and also list some trade bait. If you are looking for 2009 A&G minis my list for trade in a previous post is accurate.

Well that is all.

Let's make a deal.


Collective Troll said...

Glad you liked the cards! I wish I could have helped you out more. I ripped a LOT of 2009 A and G, but had horrible luck with everything. I probably had a whole box worth of packs with multiple National Pride cards and no minis. On the other hand-the hobby box of '08 that I ripped was totally amazing! 3 relics, an auto and no doubles, plus 24 minis! It was the best box I ripped all year!

Anonymous said...

i picked up about 5 Pops cards if you want them i'll send you a picture to see if you like.... send me your email