Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trade Bait and general update

I have a ton of packages to get scanned in, I have gotten very lazy lately. That includes packages from Big D, roll out the barrell, sharpe since 92, cheap seat saints, Joe, and I think that is all. I have sent out the Trade Bait package that Beardy claimed, I have wicked's ready to go, as well lit's like having my own card shop. I am still waiting on hearing back from dayf, but he's the godfather so he can take his time. I have been to go through lists to put together a trade for Nachos Grande---I will get it done Chris! Oh and I have to put together a Reds package for Joe. so that is where I stand. I think.

As if my obsession with 08 and 09 ginter minis was bad enough already and since I have officially finished my 08 Goudey(woo hoo) I have expanded my Ginter collection....I have started chasing the extended minis from the rip cards....there are 50 of these from each year and I have like 12 of 08's and 13 of 09's. So if you have any of these that you dont know what to do with....I am chasing those sets! I have also picked up some silks and printing plates from 08 and 09. I havent been able to chase down any of the wood minis though. I will post the silks and plates at some point and I am willing to trade some of these if they are of players or teams that you collect.....I know I will never be able to collect the whole set of these, I just like some samples of each season.

I have also realized, thanks to sorting my 89 Score footballs to help with sewingmachineguys want list that I have a ton of 80's football and basketball for that matter that I can trade from. Right now when it comes to non-baseball I think I would like to add Virginia Tech alums in football and basketball and Xavier alums in basketball and Penguins in hockey.

I will have a want list up soon for 1982 Topps baseball. I found way more of these than I anticipated---looks like I need less than 50 of these.....though I may need to upgrade some of them.....these were well loved(or abused, I am not sure which!). Which means I have some of these to trade as well if you need any..... though if you are looking for mint cards... these will surely not fit that requirement.

catch ya'll later
Let's make a deal!


the sewingmachineguy said...

Hey Buddy, I am sorting my 83 topps baseball, should have that done soon. I have a big stack of assorted cards (some from your want lists, some Jays) I will have a package in the mail soon. Peace.

AdamE said...

If you want Virgina Tech football cards let me know some players you would like and I will se who I have.

Collective Troll said...

Duane, added to your next package will be 2008 Ginter back minis number 30 and 129... Andre Dawson for the Hall in 2010!