Monday, July 12, 2010

Here they come....2010 Ginters--N43 edition

As i get the 2010 Ginters in I am going to try and keep up my list of cards available for trade.....I will try...this i s my goal. I have not and dont plan on ripping any hobby boxes of Ginter, unless of course prices really come down. I may be ripping some retail. For now though it is all ebay and my thirst for Ginters is satisfied by buying up underpriced lots of minis. Here is one of my first lots to arrive a nice stack of N43 boxloaders. I like the n43s and the Cabinet cards as well, especially the non baseball cabinet cards.....its like the history channel on a giant baseball card.

Here is where I stand on cards available for trade so far:

2010 Ginters

Justin Upton

mini inserts
SSS3 Sir Walter Raleigh
MM3 Stegosaurus
MM13 Pachycephalosaurus

Lets make a deal.

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