Friday, July 23, 2010

World's Saltiest Sailor---now what?

This is an awesome unannounced subset to this years Ginter. I am conflicted on what to do---keep it and consider it a start on the set or sell and wait a while until the prices come down and look to reacquire it. Any thoughts? I mean "Calico Jack" does sound like one cool ass sailor, so there is that.


Nachos Grande said...

I sold my salty sailor...though I probably could have gotten more for it if i were a bit more patient. They seem to go for $30-100 each...and it's a 10 card set. A bit expensive for my blood!

Roy said...

Pretty obscene for an insert of non-baseball players.

beardy said...

It's not worth anything, so you should just send it to me.

Richard G. Bostic II said...

Yes, they are indeed very rare.

I've collected this issue since its' inception in 2006.

I'm interested in the card. I'm
sure I have some Blue Jay's card(s)that will garner your interest.