Friday, July 09, 2010

I am still around!!

I figured it is about time to post that I am still around here collecting cards---- although i am really down to chasing Ginters and Masterpieces and a few old sets i am trying to finish. I have started picking up some 2010 Ginter minis and if you need a home for any of your minis.....please keep me in mind. Especially if I have built up good will with you over the last year or so as a good trader. I am down to one card to finish off the ENTIRE 2008 Allen & Ginter regular back mini set.... #374 Jackie Robinson. That is my most wanted card at this point in time. I have some 2008 Masterpieces BB SP's to trade if you are still looking for them and I have a ton of 2009 Ginter regular and A&G back minis to trade as well.

Current most wanted list:
2008 Ginter
regular back mini
374 Jackie Robinson

2009 Ginter

A&G back minis
324 Wladamir Balentin
340 Richard Gatling
N43 Box Topper
Ryan Howard


2010 Ginter


Thanks for any help and keep me in mind for any unwanted Ginter minis!

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Jeremy said...

I don't have the Jackie Robinson mini for you. I wish I did. I'm interested in the N43 if it's still available. I should have some minis from this years set to trade if you're interested.