Sunday, November 17, 2013

Card Show haul 11-17-12 @ Newark OH edition

Yep I went to a card show today and man oh man was it a waste of my time, but rather than make the drive and leave empty handed, I decided to spend some money with  only dealer that had a vintage cheapo box. We can call this haul the 3 protected by holder amigos and assorted older junk.  I pretty much bought the 3 cards and took some lower quality vintage off this guys hands.   The 56 Dick Donavan is a pretty nice card and it was a card that I needed for my fledgling 56 Topps collection.  The 66 Killer is another card I needed for a an aspirational attempted set and then that leaves the glorious 53 Topps Al Rosen.  What can you say about that card other than when looking at in the holder it really looked not so rough, but man the scanner pulled out all the flaws that are quite evident when taking it out of the holder.  I still like it though for a 53-- it looks just fine for my collection.  Not much to say about the other cards other than it sucks that my scanner decided to hide the bottom of that Milt Pappas card.

No real rhyme or reason to why I picked these cards, well other than I picked up all the 60s cards that weren't completely trashed.  That and the Bobby Grich and Bobby Bonds just spoke to me... the Bonds I have no idea why, while I must admit a soft spot for all Bobby Grich card.  

So thats what I picked up at what will probably be my last trip to that lame show in Newark.  The whole lot cost me $12 so not bad for card show prices in my mind, obviously all the value is in the first 3 cards.  If you happen to desire any of the well loved cards let me know I may be able to trade them away.

Check out my want lists and lets make a deal!!!


Nick said...

If you're interested in moving that '74 Bobby Grich, that's a card I've wanted for a long time. I have some extra Ginter minis I could send your way.

Feel free to email me at nickpecucci AT sbcglobal DOT com if you'd like. Thanks!


Nice pick ups for the price.

Maybe the Wooster show will be better.I hope to make it to that one.