Saturday, November 16, 2013

I bought a Panini card

Not just any old Panini card but a Dave Stieb 2013 Hometown Heroes Hometown Signatures card No HSDS, and it just so happens to be my first autographed card of my all time favorite Blue Jay Dave Dave Stieb.   I would have never even had know that Mr. Stieb was in a current set if not for reading about all of Dayf's Heywards. Yes, once again reading a post at the blog Godfathers site led to a purchase of cards, something tells me I am not the only person that has that happen.  I can never say it enough finding The Cardboard Junkie oh so many years ago is one of the main reason I returned to collecting cards and in turn getting inspired to write a blog--- not a very good blog--- but a blog nonetheless.

Seeing as how I dont plan on buying any packs of this Panini issue if anyone has any other cards of Dave Stieb or any other Jays in all their logo-less glory, I would be glad to take them off your hands!  Or any other Stieb autos actually.

I hit this one on ebay on a BIN/OBO almost as soon as it went up, offered the seller $6.00 shipped and he took it.  Not bad for an auto of a favorite player, but I am sure not a steal.

As always I am looking to trade for your Ginter minis and at this stage I am getting anxious to get these 2013 sets finished.

Let's make a deal!

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