Monday, October 06, 2014

2014 Allen and Ginter Case topper red mini pack

I have always done my set building a little different than most collectors. I have the compulsion to build and finish sets, but lack the gambler mentality that leads one to rip lots of wax looking for the big hit.  I tend browse ebay buying the left over lots of disappointment.  This year I have switched things up a bit, with Ginter having the red mini /33 set only coming in the 5 card 1 per case packs, while buying as many of these in lots that I can I have also taken to purchasing unopened 5 packs as well(for bargain prices --of course).  Here is the results of 1 such package.  
Obviously one of these is not like the other, which means I shouldn't have assumed that the packaging saying 5 exclusive mini parallel cards, didn't just mean red border /33s.  I have seen these listed on ebay from time to time, and wasnt sure if people were talking about the super mini 1/1s that come from the mini mini rip cards, or something else.  I seen listing talking about mini 1/1s that are in retail boxes, but i haven't read too much about them either.  I wondered if maybe they were included inside the boxtops like the full sized glossy 1/1s.  I guess not, so if anyone was wondering, turns out the glossy mini 1/1s are mixed in with the red minis.

If you are interested the Arenado and Portnoy are for trade as well as the Napoli I suppose.  Heck for that matter if anyone collects wrappers, the wrapper is available as well.  

I should add if anyone reading this has any red border /33 minis I am more than willing to trade... I am over 50% complete on this set.

Let's make a deal!!!!


GCA said...

I've got these four left from mine (I think, I'll have to double check that they're still there).
Want lists are at

GCA said...

Sorry, email me at QAPLAGCA at yahoo