Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trade with gcrl

I have traded a few times with very dodger blue Garvey Cey Russell Lopes and well he always seems to outdo me, well way back in the beginning of this whole trading thing he sent me i think a 660 count box stuffed full of awesome Blue Jays cards and I have been trying to even the score ever since.  A few months ago I swore I had accomplished that feat... here are my attempts-- part 1 and part 2  and I really thought I had won. I mean I dont do no bipping but surely a pile of unannounced 1965's would win any trade right???? WRONG!! dang it Jim you trumped me again....  Yep there they are a pair of 1955s and 1956s  taken right off my wantlists.....I lose..... errr wait... I think I won!!! 55s and 56s will always win esp ones that are needed to finish a set.... off course if that was the extent of the package it would have been awesome

Nope those weren't all that he sent...  there they about half of what was my remaining 1978 wantlist.... blown the heck up to the point that these here are all that remain to be located:

1978 Topps want list:
 21 36 102  155 273 360 400 407 500 709 

and as always some nice current Blue Jay cards...and some old school Pirates... and I do love that Joe Carter card.... touch 'em all Joe, you'll never have a bigger hit than that!!!! 
That is all....  as I go back to the drawing board to figure out how to top grcl..... and you too can one up me in a trade by sending any 55's and 56s you have heck.... I have a pile of them to trade so we can work out a deal for them!!!  
Thanks for the trade.
Let's make a deal!!

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gcrl said...

that stack of 65's you sent was fantastic and much appreciated!