Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I traded some Braves for some 1964 Topps off the ole want list....

One of the many joys of collecting cards is the occasions when you get to add another fellow collector to your circle of traders, and today I feature my haul from my first trade with one fellow collector and blogger.  In what I guess is a rare trade of vintage for modern, I sent a pile of Braves to Johnny's Trading Spot, including a bunch of Ginter minis--- I know who could have guessed--- for this nice collection of 64's from my wantlist.  
 I have to say that while none of the names are big, though there is one of those super cool topps all rookie team trophies, these are in really nice condition, something that many of my 1964s don't have.

As a set builder who has a long way to go with this set, I really dont have anything profound to say about any of these cards other than to say they all are very much needed and they get me that much closer to finishing the set.  Thanks for the great trade Johnny and hopefully we can pull off another one sometime soon.  

I know I have lots of folks out there to trade let me know if you want to pull the trigger on a trade.

Let's make a deal!!!!


Johnnys Trading Spot said...

OOPS, I didn't even catch that Rookie trophy, lol.

Duane said...

of course it turned out I didnt even need that card, as I had bought a lot of 64s after we did the trade and that one was in the lot!