Tuesday, March 05, 2013

2008-09 UD Masterpieces Hockey Brown Border Wantlist

Finally back with another post....  and for the first time in a long time...its not baseball cards...but HOCKEY CARDS!!!!  GO PENS!!!! btw...might as well get that out there..  Seeing as how I do enjoy all things Masterpieces  it only makes sense that I would go after the Hockey set as well....I have gathered up enough of these brown border cards to give a wantlist a go...  Is there anyone else out there collecting these things????

Here are the cards I need:  7 16 19 20 21 26 28 29 30 33 34 45 46 48 52 57 64 70 75 80 81 85

Cards I have to trade: 1 5 8 9 13 23 24 35 38 39 40 42 43 51 56 60 62 68 69 72 79 86

lets make a deal!!!

Oh I should also add that it has gotten quite boring searching for the few obscure ginter minis I need to finish my sets...so I decided to branch out a bit....and decided to go after some vintage topps baseball sets.....  from 50s to the late 70s....  I have the 1960 set hardest so far for some reason...not sure why...I guess it spoke to me....I will be posting wantlists and trade list for it soon....of course the way I post soon could be in 6 months...  so yeah....

Anyone have any good advice for collecting vintage stuff? price points?  I know my ginter minis and masterpieces prices pretty darn well, but have struggled with the older stuff....  so far I haven't been too concerned about condition....but I know it has a huge impact on price....  any thoughts?  anyone else collecting 50s and 60s stuff that wants to trade?  let me know....  happy collecting all!!

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