Saturday, March 16, 2013

Collecting 1960 Topps.. 1st complete page!!!

 This makes the first true vintage set that I am collecting, well I am collecting others but, this is the first that actually have a want list for.  Something about the horizontal cards drew me to this set...not even sure why, though I must say I also really like the 56 topps set as well.  Yes, I am working on the 56 set also, so if you want to trade some of them let me know and I will see what i have for doubles there.  This is my first completed page of the the set and its not a bad first page to finish, a few future managers, a Pappa of a future manager, AND Whitey Ford AND Brooks Robinson,  who else could you ask for???  Well I suppose Mickey Mantle would be a good one to ask for, but besides that, this will do!
Of course after scanning in I realize that I am putting the horizontal cards in the wrong way in order to be able to view the backs of the vertical cards, but this is going to have to do as I have no desire to go through and change the way i have the cards in the pages.  The main thing I don't like about this set is the lack of career stats, but really that is a minor quibble.....  so what do you think of the 1960 set?
Oh I pd 90 shipped with insurance for the lot in the previous post, so looks I overpaid a bit, but I am happy with the cards and what can I say...I knocked off mays and banks so it will work.  I have a ton of doubles of these cards so I wont be putting up a list of them yet..... here are the 60s that I need.

Check out my current want list post for the 1960 topps want list!

Let's make a deal!!!

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