Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hank hammers the 1960 want list....

Just arrived via the ebay are these additions to my 1960 collections plus a bonus biggie towards my 1959s.  All from 1 seller I got these for $45 shipped and I am quite happy.  The Hank Aaron is pure awesome at its finest!  Sure its a bit miscut and there is some smudgy stuff on the front but the card is really nice in hand and had pretty good corners.   The Yogi has a crease on the front and a small amount of writing on the back but it'll do.  The Duke Snider is probably the roughest of them all in hand but its not horrible and I wont be seeking out an upgrade though I won't turn down an upgrade!

The Gil Hodges card is ok and I should be getting another one of them in.  The Whitey Ford is definitely a double and after I make a comparison one of the two will be available for trade.....   so if you are wanting a 1960 Whitey Ford, all you have to do is find something comparable that I need and it shall be yours!

here is my up to date list:

1960 Topps wants:
 102 115 148 160 316 332 343 361 381394 400 445 463 480 484 509 522 523 527 537 547 549 550

Lets make a deal!!!

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Greg Zakwin said...

congrats on the pickups! that's a steal of a price for the lot!