Thursday, March 07, 2013

Say HEY!! Let's Play 2! Awesome Ebay lot

I think this is the coolest ebay lot I have ever won.  My first Willie Mays and Ernie Banks cards, vintage edition, I mean what more needs to be said, that is beyond cool.  Now make it 2 Willie Mays cards along with a Hank Aaron, a Koufax leader card, a Pudge(get drunk and wander through a corn field version) plus a Jim Kaat RC AND you get the bonus Cecil Cooper appearance.  What more can you ask for?

Well how about an unmarked Mickey Mantle CL, a 75 Yaz, my first Juan Marichal card, a GARY CARTER rc AND a Denny Walling RC..... now that is an ebay lot worth writing about!!!  Now unlike most of my ebay purchases which usually involve me dumpster diving buying underpriced unwanted type of lots, this one I went premium.  Being new to buying vintage I wouldn't be surprised if I overpaid a bit for the lot.  The cool part is, I don't care if I did, but I would like to know or at least have an idea if i did overpay.  So I have to ask.  How much is this lot of 12 cards worth?  Or you can go with the other way of asking, How much did I pay?  

This post of course delays my posting of a 1960 Topps want list, so that will come at some point in the future.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Nice pickup! That's one heck of a lot.

I'll go low and say $40, though I can definitely see it bringing more.

Dhoff said...

The beauty of buying lots is that you often get the best deal this way. I bet you actually got a bargain, if you were to look at how each of these cards individually sold on eBay. And this is an awesome lot! I'd guess $30, or that's what my cheap ass would have bid. I'm sure it was more.

Duane said...

Turns out I really am only good at knowing my ginter mini prices!!! I would have loved to have paid the prices guessed!!! It really wasnt a lot... it was a combination of 3 lots in which i hit the BIN on one and talked him down on the BIN on the other 2 so no bidding.... but yeah lets just say I am not so frugal on these vintage cards as I am when it comes to minis..... in fairness to me it included shipping and the seller insured the shipment..... I was guessing the 1960 mays and banks cards themselves were in the $40 range. I will learn.