Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cards from Baseball Dad

I sent some 07 and 08 Masterpieces to Baseball Dad and these are some of the goodies I got back.

This Felix Pie looks like a giant but it is actually one less mini that I need to complete the 08 Allen & Ginter regular back mini set. I am looking to trade for what I need.

I think these 2 cards are neat and they along with the card below are why I really liked the 08 Upper Deck base set. It smoked the 08 Topps so bad it wasn't funny. The 09's are just the opposite. I like the Maxwell photo from what I guess is the construction site of the new Nats' stadium(don't know don't care about whatever corporate sponsor it has). The Pods is just a sweet action shot of fundamentally sound bunting skills, something all Reds fans are all hanging their heads in shame over right about now. Oh well Pods still sucks out loud.

I really dig this John Buck card, not only is it a great play at the plate shot, but Grady is going to be safe---why would a tribe guy send me this card? Oh yeah, it was 1 of 17 off of my 2008 Upper Deck needs list, which is now down to 12 more cards. Please someone help me finish that set off!

Thanks again to Baseball Dad for the awesome cards.
If anyone has any advice on how best to work these pictures.... I am all ears, what I am doing doesn't seem like the best way to do it.

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