Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fantasy Baseball

Yep, I am a player. I am in 4 dork leagues because I am the King of Dorks! This has been my toughest start that I have ever had. I have played in 13 yahoo leagues coming into this season and I have only finished outside of the top 3 once. I have also played in 2 ESPN leagues and finished in the top 3 of both of them as well. I like playing in deeper leagues, meaning to me a 12 league is shallow. The league I am most enjoying this year is a 20 team terminator league set up by my friend Phil. We drafted 30 players per team for 600 total, a true test of player knowledge. We have had our first 2 cuts and we get out waiver claims monday morning. I am happy with my team and I was really happy coming out of the draft. I came to some realizations on strategy in the 2nd week of the season, and regardless of where I am in the standings today I am confident I will be at the top at the end of the season.

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