Monday, May 11, 2009

Open letter to Eric Wedge

Dear Eric

I think Matt LaPorta has fully developed the skill of sitting his ass on the bench. I know that your team is currently in first place and has a lights out offense(or not) and that keeping the bench warm is a very important. It is so important that maybe it would best to have David Delucci refine his pine riding skills. Maybe huh? I mean Matt LaPorta is the top prospect in the farm system right? As such wouldn't it make sense to not turn him into a strict platoon player at the start of his career? Four straight games on the bench, heck you all should have just left Trevor Crowe on the bench and kept Matt down in Columbus to keep kicking ass for the Clippers. Anyway just some thoughts, hope it all works out, of course you have a much bigger mess to figure out with the bullpen. Of course that problem doesn't have the built in solution as who to play in the outfield does, so good luck with that.

Thanks and go Tribe!

Duane--Blue Jays fan hoping for the best from the local team

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