Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 Goudey

Here are the cards I need:

13 21 38 41 47 50 61 67 81 86 107 108 157 169 181 189 192

207 208 211 212 213 214 217 219 220 224 225 226 227 230 231 233 250 251 257 266 279 282 283

I have these SPs to trade: 204 222 223 236 245 247 254 271 255 281 287 288 293 293 294 299 299

So let's make a deal!

updated 10/06/09

Friday, June 26, 2009

2008 Masterpieces

I just completed this AWESOME set. I have doubles of a good many of the the SP's. Let me know which ones you need and we can work out a trade. I also have some extra of the bordered parallel cards including SP's. I am getting close on the 08 Goudey and I am over 50% complete on 09 Goudey SP's so I have some of those to trade as well.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1933 Goudey Dave Harris

I have a new oldest card. A few weeks ago I had picked up a 1956 Topps Hank Saurer on the ebay, you know one of those impulse combined shipping that looks cool purchases. It was my oldest card beating out some mid-60's Willie Stargell. Not anymore. This delight is my new oldie. I had never heard of Dave Harris but it doesn't matter still an awesome card. I came across this card looking for 09 Goudey SP's and it was being offered by someone who had a good number of lots of the SP's(of which I bought a few). It is suppose to be a buyback and I got the buyback card as well. I would assume this would qualify as a case hit. I know I would view it as such. Including shipping I got the sucker for less that $10. Why in the world am I buying packs of cards? At prices like this I am going to build this entire Goudey set through lots on ebay---I know it will cost less that buying boxes. Oh yeah back to Dave Harris or should I call him "the Sheriff" as the back of his card says he is a sheriff in his hometown of Greensboro NC. He was also a heckuva hitter as that link to baseball reference shows and as I recheck that page I see BR shows his nickname is "Sheriff" so yeah. He was quite the hitter, with a 3 year run of OPS+ of 137, 146 and 142 and a 19th place finish in the MVP voting in the 142 year of 1932--which is really impressive for a guy who was mainly a pinch hitter. Not a bad player at all and an awesome add to my collection.

Monday, June 08, 2009

2009 Allen & Ginter and Goodwin--updated

I am considering getting a case of each of these products, but I don't know if I really want to spend $1600 for 2 cases. I was wondering if anyone is interested in a few of the boxes of each product. I don't want to mess with a case break in the sense of selling by team or anything just to unload a few of the boxes at cost. I am having a hard time dealing with the idea of spending about $25/box more for A&G than what I paid for it in 08 but by ordering early I know the cards will be worth more to sell extras on ebay. Of course I would actually have to sell them on ebay and I haven't taken that plunge yet. I am just looking for any feedback on this. Anyone interested?

It looks like the A & G will be 75/box + shipping via Priority Mail.

Kige Ramsey rules!

I was all set to put up a Ray Halladay card because well it was a heck of a Halladay, but in making a stupid comment on a great video by dayf I realized I had to look up Kige and see what he is up to these days. Kige did not disappoint. Kige is pretty good. If you do not know of Kige Ramsey shame on you. Kige is pretty good. When you need hard hitting sports analysis you must tune in to Kige. Kige is multi talented now as well, he has a medical show, a relationship show---eat shit Dr. Phil--, a dining name it Kige can do it. Any way here is a taste:

I have to say Kige is pretty good. Like Sprite Zero, a pretty good drink. Which is pretty good. Like Diet Sierra Mist. Which is pretty good.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Updated want lists

UPDATED 12/7/09

2009 Allen & Ginter boxtoppers---RYAN HOWARD N43

2008 Allen and Ginter mini ---REGULAR BACK

DONE will post on this soon!

2008 UPPER DECK base set

260 292 293 295 296 297 338

2008 Goudey


2006 Allen Ginter

5 56 58 105 113 115 134 147 151 154 175 198 205 227 235 262 264 277 285 295 301 302 305 307 309 325 334

2007 Allen Ginter



SP Authentic

6 8 80 97 99 100

88 Score


89 Score

80 404 634

89 Donruss

23 111 121 126 131 143 155 163 164 232 238 243 267 288 315 327 330 333 339 400 441 462 465 466 477 483 493 499 503 506 512 514 516 614 616 640 653 Grand slammers 6 7

92 Donruss Series 1

13 40 199 205 207 232 289 327

83 Topps
update 12/16/09---the TROLL has informed me that this is my new want list!
updated 1/6/10---Larry the sewingmachine guy busted this one up!!!

151 175 512 636 682 761

other sports

89 score football

257 Barry Sanders rookie card--how the hell did that happen?

2008 Upper Deck base series 1 and 2

2008 Allen & Ginter

2009 Allen & Ginter

awaiting arrival

High Priority

Monday, June 01, 2009


One of my favorite sets is now COMPLETE!!!! Thanks to a nice package from the new king of the box break, I got the last 5 cards I needed for this set. Little did I know that needed 5 of the coolest cards in a very cool set. I received 2 Babes, a Kid, an Ass of a Peach and a smiling DW which has to make his biggest fans smile as well.

I sense a catcher in some major pain thanks to Ty Cobb and David Wright chilling ---very glad he is not that catcher.

Ken Griffey Jr. "The Kid" hauling in a fly ball.

2 Babes featuring his 2 main teams Yankees and Red Sox.