Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013 RIP card part deux --- the double RIP edition

Yep new for this year are the double RIP cards, and it is tough getting used to the fact that these are going to cost a good bit more than the plain RIPs to become a part of my collection.  I was able to nab each of these for around $10 shipped which is more than double what i usually spend on RIPs, I tend not to go over $5 shipped for most all of my other RIP cards.    These all present quite nicely and it looks like none were ripped by some of the fools that destroyed some of the cards in my previous post.... must be the ripping a picture that makes folks a bit more careful.  

I like the Smoltz/Kimbrel card, though not a Braves fan I can respect the greatness of both of those guys.  The Cueto/Latos card is about as blah as you can get, meanwhile my favorite of the 3 is the Profar/Olt, and well really any card with Profar is going to be tough to beat.  I like the double RIPs especially if it makes people more cautious when ripping so as to keep the cards fully I just have to see about breaking out the real cash and buying myself an unripped double.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 RIP Cards

Thanks to this discussion over at home of the Play at the Plate, I figured I should go about showing off some of the RIP cards that I have.  It is safe to say I probably have more RIP cards than any sane person should, but well I may not be all that sane!

As you can tell by the front of these cards they all look like nice normal regular cards, well until you hold them as they are much thinker than normal cards.  Turn them over and that is where it gets interesting because as you can tell not all people who rip RIP cards are of equal talent or skill or competence.  I mean look at this variety of how this process is handled.

It is a shame to see how some of these cards are just destroyed.   That said I still love them all and so long as you just pay attention to the fronts of the cards they still display nice, but really there is no excuse for ripping the whole back off of one of these.  As folks who follow ginter know there was a new wrinkle added to the RIP cards this year and in my next post I may just show you what the new wrinkle is.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Now thats a TRADE!!! real world MLB edition

WOW!!! The Tigers and Rangers decided to pull off a fantasy baseball trade.... Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler straight up-- well not quite there is also $30 million going along with Prince to Texas to help pay for the massive contract Prince has remaining.  A big trade like that requires some big cards to be shown.. so here are the 2013 Rip cards of Prince and Ian along with the Prince Fielder ext mini....  Oh and there is an example of a less than ideal RIP card back on the Fielder RIP.  If only the ripper would keep in mind to just stop and not rip the whole middle strip off.  Of course there are much worse looking backs out there and someday I will show some of those.  Nothing more to add...but dang that is a big trade for this time of the Hot Stove season.

1954 Topps doubles up for trade

I am going to go through my vintage stuff and post my dups by year and put them up for trade.  Hopefully they will fill the bill for someone out there as they need a good home.  All I am looking for in return is something of comparable condition and year and well something that I need, but we can work that out.  I don't have many 54s and I am not helping out much by not listing who I have, but let me know who you want to trade and I will let you know.  I only have 30 of these 54s so its likely I need whatever you have to trade.

Thanks for looking and lets make a deal!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Card Show haul 11-17-12 @ Newark OH edition

Yep I went to a card show today and man oh man was it a waste of my time, but rather than make the drive and leave empty handed, I decided to spend some money with  only dealer that had a vintage cheapo box. We can call this haul the 3 protected by holder amigos and assorted older junk.  I pretty much bought the 3 cards and took some lower quality vintage off this guys hands.   The 56 Dick Donavan is a pretty nice card and it was a card that I needed for my fledgling 56 Topps collection.  The 66 Killer is another card I needed for a an aspirational attempted set and then that leaves the glorious 53 Topps Al Rosen.  What can you say about that card other than when looking at in the holder it really looked not so rough, but man the scanner pulled out all the flaws that are quite evident when taking it out of the holder.  I still like it though for a 53-- it looks just fine for my collection.  Not much to say about the other cards other than it sucks that my scanner decided to hide the bottom of that Milt Pappas card.

No real rhyme or reason to why I picked these cards, well other than I picked up all the 60s cards that weren't completely trashed.  That and the Bobby Grich and Bobby Bonds just spoke to me... the Bonds I have no idea why, while I must admit a soft spot for all Bobby Grich card.  

So thats what I picked up at what will probably be my last trip to that lame show in Newark.  The whole lot cost me $12 so not bad for card show prices in my mind, obviously all the value is in the first 3 cards.  If you happen to desire any of the well loved cards let me know I may be able to trade them away.

Check out my want lists and lets make a deal!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I bought a Panini card

Not just any old Panini card but a Dave Stieb 2013 Hometown Heroes Hometown Signatures card No HSDS, and it just so happens to be my first autographed card of my all time favorite Blue Jay Dave Dave Stieb.   I would have never even had know that Mr. Stieb was in a current set if not for reading about all of Dayf's Heywards. Yes, once again reading a post at the blog Godfathers site led to a purchase of cards, something tells me I am not the only person that has that happen.  I can never say it enough finding The Cardboard Junkie oh so many years ago is one of the main reason I returned to collecting cards and in turn getting inspired to write a blog--- not a very good blog--- but a blog nonetheless.

Seeing as how I dont plan on buying any packs of this Panini issue if anyone has any other cards of Dave Stieb or any other Jays in all their logo-less glory, I would be glad to take them off your hands!  Or any other Stieb autos actually.

I hit this one on ebay on a BIN/OBO almost as soon as it went up, offered the seller $6.00 shipped and he took it.  Not bad for an auto of a favorite player, but I am sure not a steal.

As always I am looking to trade for your Ginter minis and at this stage I am getting anxious to get these 2013 sets finished.

Let's make a deal!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Joy of a completed page--2013 Ginter black mini edition 20 mini page style

My first completed page from the 2013 Allen & Ginter Black Border mini set features cards 141-160.  I don't have much to say, you can take in all the cards in all their glory as they are featured in this page.   This is the first year that I have used 20 mini pages versus the 15 mini pages, I have to say I like way the 20 mini pages work out, they compact the sets enough that I can use 1.5 inch binder to hold all 3 mini sets.  It is a nice group of cards with a nice mix of retired HOFers and current rookies and oh yeah AL BUNDY!!!!

If you have any black minis (or any minis actually) to trade, check out my want list and lets make a deal!!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Quick trade with a Rangers fan

Much thanks to Spiff of the quite simply named Texas Rangers Cards for a simple trade that knocked a couple of Kimball mins off my want list, or so I thought.  Turns out, Spiff wasn't satisfied sending me just 2 kimballs so he included about 30 assorted Blue Jays cards as well.  Nothing wrong with that especially when the loot includes a Terminator Tom Henke card and Mr. Tomorrow I'll be Perfect - Dave Stieb and of course the smooth swingin' John Olerud.  I tend to not  play favorites when it comes to Jays cards but if I had to pick an all time favorite player, it is without a doubt Dave Stieb.  I have no idea why beyond the fact that in the early 80s he really was the only good player the Jays had.  Oh well doesnt matter I guess.  The moral of the story is that receiving  Dave Stieb cards makes me happy and that you really can't go wrong trading with Spiff.

Oh and he covers the trade much better than I do, so he has that as well.

Thanks for the trade!!!