Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ohio bloggers go to a card show....... part 1

A card show in Mansfield Ohio was mentioned in the comments of one of my previous posts.  The blogger know by all of us as just the Baseball Dad or as I know him now.... Jack....  mentioned that he was planning on going to said show.....  which led to the idea of hey that show is only 45 minutes or so from me.... what a great time to meet up with a fellow blogger....  and even better....  another ohio blogger.... Steve B and I had already met up went to a card show before so this would be the perfect opportunity for all 3 of us to meet.  As with most everyone in the blogosphere both of us had already traded with this was going to be cool.  Hold on a little back story.....  Steve and I actually only live a couple of miles from each other with the same little podunk town for our Post Office....  I mean what are the odds of that?  and we had never met before and I think it took us a couple of years after trading emails to actually meet.  Found out its cool to go to card shows with a fellow enthusiast.  Ok back to meeting up with Jack in Mansfield......details were all arranged.... we knew when we were going up and when Jack was planning on getting there.....  On our way there, we noticed signs for the show along the way...ok thats says.... Toy and Card Show 10-3.....  wait toy?  and beckett said the show was from 9-5.....hmm...oh well.....  get there and there is a $2.50 admission.... hmm beckett said $2.... and then the show..... well the building was full....I am guessing at least 50 tables.....and well maybe 5 or 6 had cards....great well at least we are meeting up with Jack....  Ahh he's the Baseball Dad... lets see if we can recognize him..... no luck....  now I had Jacks number, so ok we give in I'll call and find him...... dang....  stuff had came up and Jack hadn't left let.....  really long story made less longer....  told Jack it probably wasnt worth the it blowed.....  good thing because by the time he would have gotten there most of the tables were folding up by 2:30 ish......   so no big meet up..... but too make a bad situation better there was 1 seller with dime and quarter boxes..... which took up over an hour of our time.....or like 80% of the time at the show....  now these cards are not from the dime and quarter box guy.....  as we were getting ready to leave... a guy who had  a pathetic table that we laughed at as we walked around...flagged us down...great deals guys I need to sell something.....this guy had maybe 40 cards in top loaders on the table....that was it...with ridiculous prices on them....well he was pricing to sell....guessing he needed to either pay rent or buy lunch...or just pay for his table.....  but basically he sold all of these for about $5 a card.....  the one I had liked was the Rendon and after checking ebay when I got home...yep it paid for them all.....   the bradshaw and stallworth are one I want to keep.... the others are up for trade if anyone is interested.....  though I am giving Jack first dibs on the Piersall relic as a consolation for not being able to make the show.....  I am guessing the Rendon is going to end up on ebay though....  

I got a few others from desperate guy which will be in a later post along with my favs from the dime and quarter box guy.    I do love the prices the dude had on these cards.... may be the reason he didnt make any sales.....  the only one even close to what its selling for is the Rendon.. and that pretty close to right on.   until part 2....thanks for reading all that nonsense.....hey I aint a professional writer.....
Let's make a deal.....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I has another MIckey!!!!

There it is my first Mickey Mantle base card, and I caved in and went after a graded card.  I decided when looking at spending around a $100 or more for a card, a prudent person would go ahead and make sure it was legit.  So thats what I did, it set me back $88 shipped, but I think it was worth it.  

I will keep watching the Mickey cards and may try to pick up an ungraded card to put in the binder, I do hate have a black space in the sheet.  This is probably the coolest card in my collection and is close to be the 2nd most valuable non-auto in my collection, trailing only the 86 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie.

So is anyone else collecting the 1960 set?  I am open to trading, but I havent found anyone out there to trade with, buying lots on ebay is getting to the stage of me purchasing a ton of cards I already have.

Here is where I stand:

1960 Topps wants:
1 2 3 9 11 16 18 21 22 25 91 92 96 102 113 115 118 119 123 124 126 134 142 148 160 163 168 173 195 201 210 212 216 221 222 223 225 227 232 234 236 237 238 243 247 248 250 251 254 283 284 288 291 298 302 305 306 308 311 316 322 326 329 330 331 332 335 340 341 343 346 351 358 361 365 371 377 380 381 383 385 390 394 395 400 402 404 405 407 409 418 420 428 430 431 435 441 445 448 449 450 453 455 457 458 461 462 463 464 465 470 472 476 478 479 480 484 485 486 488 490 494 496 499 500 502 506 507 508 509 510 511 512 513 515 517 518 521 522 523 524 526 527 528 529 531 533 535 537 540 541 543 544 547 549 550 551 

Let's make a deal!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

1960s Post Cereal cards

For some reason I kinda dig these old Post cereal cards.  Anyone else feel the same way?  Not sure I am to the stage of actively collecting any of the sets but I am not opposed to acquiring more.  Which means if you are interested in any of these cards, let me know I am open to trading any of them.  If you have any Post cards I would be interested in trading for them as well.   Oh and 1 thing to add on these cards, for such relatively small sets, how the heck does Paul Foytack end up having a card made?  That 1960 season is one bad performance....

Check out my other want lists and let's make a deal!!!!  Some one has to be looking to trade 1960 Topps cards, right????

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cards from The Netherlands

Hey look I am finally getting around to posting about the cards I received from Jeroen aka The Dutch Card Guy.  This is my first trade with someone from Europe, of course I think my only other foreign country trades are Australia and Canada at this point..... so I am not a very successful around the world trader.... anyways.... lots of Blue Jays..... and can I just say its just the first week but man I am not excited about the new season.... this has not worked out according to plan......  The Dwight Smith blue is 163/499 and no I do not know who he is .  The Hechavarria purple chrome is a 54/899 and I know he can't hit and is now a Marlin, and look there is Justin Niccolino another current Marlins prospect, yeah they were both part of the big trade.  Drew Hutchinson is still a Jay but I believe he is out recovering from Tommy John surgery and may be back later in the year, I think he is rehabbing with Kyle Drabek.  We also have an Aaron Sanchez...who is the only prospect the Jays have left or so I have been told.  The Joey Bats needs no introduction  I included the 2, well 1 and 3/4 of the Heritage 1960 versions, well because I am collecting the actual 1960 Topps set!  and there is also an Adam Lind auto there as well.....yeah I got greedy in putting cards on my scanner and it had enough so I had 2 that are cut off....the scans not the cards....
 Just showing some big names here...or should I say a couple of current players and some big names and well Eric Hinske.... nothing really to add other than for some reason I kinda like those UD Vintage cards....

Thanks to Jeroen for the trade....heres hoping we pull off another transaction in the near future....and remember I am always up for trading.....

Let's make a deal!!!!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Kimball Champions minis want and trade list

For anyone who is thinking I am no longer collecting minis.......wrong!!!!  Still mini crazy...been futzing around with these cards for too too long without a here it is...

Kimball mini want list:

 13 17 18 23 39 52 53 61 62 64 65 66 70 72 74 75 76 78 79 80 82 86 90 94 95 97 98 104 109 111 118 127 141 150

Kimballs to trade:
3 4 5 6 8 12 15 20 22 24 25 28 29 31 33 34 35 36 38 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 50 56 58 67 68 73 84 89 91 102 112 114 116 119 120 121 122 130 132 136 137 139 142 144 145 146 148 149