Saturday, December 22, 2012

bargain bin gold!!!!

 Last week I was able to hit the Wooster OH card show....  my first show in a couple of years for what its worth.....  of course I had my trusty lists of all my Ginter mini and masterpieces wants....of course being the odd ball niche collector that those sets make me.....  of course there were none of those cards there...  so what do i do head home empty handed.. nah...  by some RGIII rookie cards which it sounded like the cards that all the little kids running around the show were looking for.....  heck no!  Instead I looked in the places that i am most comfortable THE BARGAIN BINS!!!!  doing some dumpster diving!  these are just some of the cards i bought....  i spent $35 total and walked away with a pile of card all older than '79s and all for less than .50... most in the .10 range...  didnt write down the total card count and since i am old enough to suffer from CRS disease.... well the actual number of card is now a mystery....  I don't really have much to comment on the cards they kinda speak for themselves in all their well loved and used and sometimes abused vintage glory but really cards from the 50s and early 60s for less than .50/.... how the heck is that not just awesome....  i pretty much just took all the value priced vintage i could find.... the stuff from the 70s i grabbed cool cards or favorite players or players with cool names....  for .10.... i wasn't to picky.

Well I do have 1 comment on these cards, is Denver Lemaster just a great name or I am wrong?  I mean not Rusty Kuntz awesome but still damn cool in its own way.  and Joe Schaffernoth I am trying to imagine a drunken Harry Carey trying to say that name.... and yeah I know he wouldnt have be calling Cubs games then but it still funny to imagine.

All of these cards are available for trade esp if you happen to be building any of these sets...  I am just looking for similar era vintage Indians and Pirates...  so the Indians and Pirates that I have will be a bit tougher to shake loose...  well just let me know that they are for finishing a set..... that I can appreciate.... or ginter black minis from my want list.... i will always trade for them....

I will try to post more pics of these vintage cards.... if anyone is interested in seeing them....  hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!  Happy collecting and LET'S MAKE A DEAL!!!