Wednesday, September 28, 2005


On conspiracy charges in Travis County TX.

  • Here it is.
  • I should be suprised, but it really is just par for the course, Michael Brown who resigned as head of FEMA because he was an incompetent piece of shit, is back on the government payroll. Oh yea as a freaking consultant! Wow same great pay, none of the work. We get to pay for it. Oh sure he is there to "assess what went wrong", which according to him was that he should have work harder to make Gov. Blanco and Mayor Nagin put aside their differences and work together. Here is what Governor Blanco had to say about
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    Friday, September 16, 2005

    Hey I'm back!
    It's time for another installment of Friday random 10. At this pace I'll just be posting 10 randomly selected songs from the IPOD every Friday as my only posts. I have to do better. Here we go.

    1. "What Am I Worth" Sammy Kershaw
    2. "Can't You Just Stay Gone" Cimmaron
    3. "Neon Moon" Brooks & Dunn
    4. " The Bluest Eyes In Texas" Restless Heart
    5. "Put Some Drive In Your Country" Travis Tritt
    6. "Mama 'N Them" David Lee Murphy
    7. "I Was Wrong" Rhett Akins
    8. "How Do You Like Me Now" Toby Keith
    9. "Cog In The Wheel" Ray Kennedy
    10. " A Guy Like Me" Pat Green

    Here is an appropriate bonus for all the incompetent shits at FEMA.

    11. "Trying To Get To New Orleans" The Tractors

    Saturday, September 03, 2005

    Time for another friday random 10. Hey with what is going on in New Orleans right now, I got to stick to writing about unimportant stuff. Who would have thought that the third world would come to the U.S. How could we be so unprepared? The head of FEMA is a disgrace and should resign for his total lack of leadership. Enough about that, on to the list.

    "Stone Country" Cimmaron
    "Hurtin' Side" Mike Reid
    "Knock Yourself Out" Lee Roy Parnell
    "Born That Way" David Lee Murphy
    "Hummingbird" Restless Heart
    "The Tulsa Shuffle" The Tractors
    "Every Light In The House" Trace Adkins
    "High Cotton" Alabama
    "Fearless Heart" Steve Earle
    "My Wife Thinks Your Dead" Junior Brown
    Bonus Texas Track:
    "A Guy Like Me" Pat Green

    I like this shuffle, it has a nice mixture of all my favorites.

    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    Regardless of approval ratings, I now concede that convicted criminal Bob Taft is the Second worst governor in the nation. Thanks to Ernie Fletcher in Kentucky and his pardons of folks within his administration--you know folks who could testify against him---Taft has been overtaken.
    For anyone that is intersted in the details, here is a good website to checkout:

  • Bluegrassreport
  • Yesterday was the Knox County Democratic Party Hog Roast. I had a good time and I'd say the event was a success. There were many candidates who are running for state wide offices next year that were able to attend. After consuming a large quantity of delicious pork, we had the opportunity to hear from all the candidates. Rep. Ted Strickland was a powerful speaker as always, he is the man to beat for governor. He will restore honor and integrity to the statehouse. I have to say that the surprising run-away star of the event was Subodh Chandra, who is running for Attorney General. This man is a dynamic speaker and well, all I can say is that you have to check him out. I was impressed.

    Saturday, August 27, 2005

    It now looks like our criminally incompetent Gov. Bob Taft, may have some more gifts that he failed to disclose on his ethics forms. I do not believe that these were just innocent mistakes by a busy public servant. Taft intentionally failed to report golf outings and game tickets and other items that were paid for or given to him by folks who were doing business with the state of Ohio. I have had to fill out those ethics forms, this stuff is all spelled out, you can't overlook it. They also spell out that failure to disclose or incorrectly disclose is a crime. I worked from the idea that if I wasn't sure about it....Report it. Just remember that you only have to report things that have a value of over $75 anything less than that and you do not have to report it. I'd like to know how many meals and golf games that were valued at less than $75 Taft received and legally didn't report. I believe that if you are an elected official you should not accept any gifts or have things paid for (of any $value) by anyone doing business with your branch or agency of the government.
    Here we go with my first Friday random 10 from itunes----dang do I ever love this IPOD.

    1. "Linda Lou", The Tractors
    2. "If the Wind Blows Sand", Martin Delray
    3. "Pink Cadillac", Southern Pacific
    4. "Rub-A-Dubbin'", Ken Mellons
    5. " California", Pat Green
    6. "I Like The Way It Feels", Ray Kennedy
    7. "What am I worth", Sammy Kershaw
    8. "How Lucky I am", Emerson Drive
    9. "I ain't leaving til she's gone", Joe Diffie
    10. "I don't need your rocking chair" George Jones

    The list is quite suprising considering that everytime I shuffle the ipod, I end up with some Lee Roy Parnell, yet none for this list. I bet we'll see some next week.

    Monday, August 22, 2005

    Hello! My name is Duane Grassbaugh and this is my first blog post. I have created this forum to discuss some of my interests from politics to sports to farming to pop culture, I will cover it. I have to say with the events of the last few weeks there is plenty to write about. This week saw the latest release of dairy sire summary info, Ohio gov. Bob Taft getting found guilty of 4 ethics violations and the KC Royals losing 19 games in a row.

    How can I put this; most of us knew that our absolute disaster of a Governor, Mr Taft was incompetent, we now can say he is a criminal. This first sitting Governor in the history of the State of Ohio to be indicted and he was convicted to boot. This is a disgrace and for the sake of the citizens of Ohio, Bob Taft should resign in disgrace and crawl back into whatever hole he came from, cause you can stick a fork in him, his political career is done. Goodbye Bob, thanks for ruining our state.

    Bull proofs all I can say is Jet Stream and 29HO10493 Burt are the Holstein highlights for ABS, I far as I can tell.

    How in the heck can the Royals take 2 in row from the A's to break the losing streak---youneverknow--- what I do know is Huston Street is one kickass closer for Oakland. I have been on the bandwagon all year and I will be expecting big things from him next year.

    That should do it for tonite. I shall return.