Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Ok first off not all of these are cards that i pulled... but most are..... The Al Kaline auto is by far the best card i have ever pulled in a pack...I dont think its even close..... I got it out of a case of 2012 Ginter retail rack packs.... you know that ones with the gold border minis....what a mini set?? and yes I am building that one as well.... of the others I pulled the /25s from the same case...well I bought the kershaw and the gumbel and I bought the Zobrist mini WOOD 1/1!!! great price on it...too good to pass up... and its the first wood mini that i have ever owned..... it is cool though it would be the ULTIMATE in cool if it was actually wood..... plus i had to post it for the sake of the TROLL!!!!! THe Pineda auto and the /25s are up for trade.....

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Joy of a completed set--2009 ginter mini ext edition

Another set of minis finally all finished off, this one involved umm, some detours/delays due to my ummm, less than stellar organization. My final card to finish the set was the Tim Lincecum ext and I found it once.... got it in the mail....then somehow misplaced it....after looking all over.... and realizing I would probably be waiting another couple of years to find another one..... I got lucky... just a 2 month wait and I found one.... got it and didnt lose track of this one. This is one set I am glad to have finished.

Oh I should acknowledge trades received from Nachos Grande, Nightowl Cards, Nooneisgoingtoreadthisblog and of course the troll!!!!! Considering the trades were of run of the mill ginter minis.... I didnt see the need to show the cards....and i am lazy... but thanks everyone for the trades....and here are the 2009 Ginter mins....345-400.... i know the exts are cards not everyone gets to see.... plus i think i promised Jeremy at nooneisgoingtoreadthis along time ago that i would show more exts....