Saturday, March 30, 2013

another vintage ebay win

    Yep another Hank Aaron card!!!!   1956, 59 and 60 are all in my possession now, and this is both the roughest looking and most glorious of the bunch.  An impending play at the plate makes a perfect front of the card and a look at the stats for Hank's 1955 season makes a great back as well... 105R 27 HR  105 RBI and a .314 batting average.... that aint bad production.... of course over on the right side is a scary looking number that I dont think I have seen often...  15 errors from an outfielder is some scary looking stuff.... but I also notice it shows 93 assists and that says Hank played some other position as well.... so its off to baseball reference to find out what is going on here.. turns out Hank played in 25 games at 2B in 1955... something I had not known about....   and 6 of the errors were committed there...  so mystery solved.....  
     Oh one other thing to add....  with the Hank slide into the plate and the play at, I guess, third base on the Ray Jablonski card and the ground ball situation on the Ken Boyer, I have 3 great examples of why the action drawings on the 1956 cards are so awesome!!!  Now that is why I am fond of the 56s.

The lot also had a couple of 1960 cards that I didnt need and since I am showing so many other 60s, I figured no need to show them with this group.....  oh $40 shipped for the whole lot.....  another lot with no regrets.... having that Hank Aaron card is damn near prices...condition be damned!!!

Ok that should do, and yeah I can't believe I have nothing to say about the '58 Willie Mays/Duke Snider card..... but really rival fence busters pretty much says it all....
Thanks for reading and have a Happy Easter....

Friday, March 29, 2013

Completed page #3 --Who is the least acidic player in the majors?--edition

Well another day and another post of a 1960 Topps completed page, which I hope is as enjoyable for everyone to view as they are for me to scan.  I am glad to have been able to knock off as many pages as I  have in such a short amount of time.  I am still enjoying collecting these vintage cards though I am not sure I am a fan of having to pay close attention to condition of cards.  Ok on to the page, this one is much better than the previous page of blah, or at least this page is much more top heavy, but first who knew Don Zimmer ever was young????  I mean he has always looked like an old fat short guy to me and I can probably remember him back 30 years.  As a player the Zimmer fits in with the rest of these cards but Don is a legend for all his non player contributions to the game.
Of course its the card in the Paul Lynde spot that makes this page..... wait what Paul Lynde spot?  Center square folks, center square.... so that would be Tigers legend and HOFer Al Kaline who also happens to be featured on the best card I have ever pulled from a pack in the form of a 2012 ginter auto.     
  Kaline, who spent his entire 22 year career with the Tigers, well hell, he is known as Mr. Tiger.... so really for those folks up in the Motor City who the hell can top that.

Oh feel free to answer the question in the title in comments if its not obvious..... or read the only link as to figure out the answer....

Ok thats all for today....  I wonder if the next completed page will be better than this one?  tough to beat the top card but can it be deeper?  stay tuned to find out.

Let's make a deal.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hank hammers the 1960 want list....

Just arrived via the ebay are these additions to my 1960 collections plus a bonus biggie towards my 1959s.  All from 1 seller I got these for $45 shipped and I am quite happy.  The Hank Aaron is pure awesome at its finest!  Sure its a bit miscut and there is some smudgy stuff on the front but the card is really nice in hand and had pretty good corners.   The Yogi has a crease on the front and a small amount of writing on the back but it'll do.  The Duke Snider is probably the roughest of them all in hand but its not horrible and I wont be seeking out an upgrade though I won't turn down an upgrade!

The Gil Hodges card is ok and I should be getting another one of them in.  The Whitey Ford is definitely a double and after I make a comparison one of the two will be available for trade.....   so if you are wanting a 1960 Whitey Ford, all you have to do is find something comparable that I need and it shall be yours!

here is my up to date list:

1960 Topps wants:
 102 115 148 160 316 332 343 361 381394 400 445 463 480 484 509 522 523 527 537 547 549 550

Lets make a deal!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Joy of a completed page #2 1960 topps

It's safe to say my 2nd completed page of 1960s is not near as exciting as the first page.  Not a household name at all on this page, though Joe Cunningham had a nice season in 1959 so there is that.  Hey, you can't knock a .345 season.

In looking at the backs a bit closer I would say the best card in the lot is the unmarked checklist featuring the Washington Senators team photo....Yippee.....oh well its a completed page.... I hope the next finished page is more exciting.

2 posts in 1 day...I am on fire! How long will it last???

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Current want lists

1960 Topps wants:
102 115 148 160 316 332 343 361 381394 400 445 463 480 484 509 522 523 527 537 547 549 550  

2008-09 UD Masterpieces HOCKEY Brown Border needs:  20 30 34 48 52 

2008-09 UD Masterpieces HOCKEY Brown Border cards I have to trade: 1 5 8 9 13 23 24 35 38 39 40 42 43 51 56 60 62 68 69 72 79 86

2012 Ginter Gold:

1 7  9 12 14 31 40 49 74 79 87 90 108 110 128 137 156 157 158 163 177 188 197 200  203 211 229 232 237 261 270 271 301 313 318 325 327 328 348

2011 Ginter reg back mini:  7  265 372

2011 Ginter A&G back: DONE 

2011 Ginter Black:  327 

2010 Ginter black minis: 346 347

2009 Ginter black minis:17 30 43 53 66 67 76 101 102 110 114 136 144 160 196 225 231 246 252 271 276 303 307 308 310 311 314 317 320 322 323 333 335 339 340 342 344 346 347 350

2008 Ginter black minis:  324 

2010 Ginter reg back mini: 12 46 108  375 378 

2010 Ginter mini Worlds Biggest: 7 10 11 14 16 17 19 

 2009 Ginter extinct animals mini: 3 5 

 2006 Ginter Base cards: 5 285 305  

 2009 Goudey 4n1(Red): 22 33 81 

08 Masterpieces Baseball Navy /125 : DONE!!!

 08 Masterpieces Baseball Brown /100: 7 19 86 96 99 117

1978 Topps want list:
1 4 5 6 7 21 28 34 36 47 70 80 85 90 101 102 106 109 118 122 155 160 170 175 (more to come)

Friday, March 22, 2013

another new chase 78 topps edition

I am on a roll, maybe not a good roll, but a roll none the less, multiple posts in one week and multiple new set want lists in same week.  Don't get used to this, as it will not continue to happen.  
I have to ask though; is this the best as in all around no scrub quad rookie card produced?  4 players who all lasted over 12 years, all were an all star at least once, not a bad pick for a rookie by the dude at topps who threw together the rookie catchers back in 78.  
Its safe to say Dale Murphy is the worst catcher on this card.... oh wait.... he may have been ok at some other position.  No need to discuss the Murph...  he was great but if I talk about him at all someone may think I am advocating for him as a Hall of Famer, which I am most definitely NOT!   Therefore....Bo Diaz is the weakest of the 4 and he was still a 2 time all star, surprisingly Ernie Whitt only made 1 all star team, but its Ernie freaking Whitt therefore he is no doubt the 3rd best.  Lance Parrish was a top flight catcher in the AL for many years with Detroit and finished with 324 career HRs.
I am sure there are some other stout quad cards, I recall that Piazza and Carlos Delgado shared a quad card as well, though I cant recall the other 2 catchers on that one.  Sure its not as good as the Nolan Ryan/Jerry Koosman powerhouse rookie card, but that was only a 2 player card. Enough of that here is a partial listing of my 78 topps needs.  The quest for the 1960s has taken over my time but I saw this card and figured I should post it and get a partial list up.
I have tons of 78 doubles especially commons, as I have made a couple of purchases of large sized mostly common lots.  Which means if you are short a few scrubs for your set, I probably have a dozen of those cards... at least... so by all  means ask me about them.

1978 Topps want list:
1 4 5 6 7 21 28 34 36 47 70 80 85 90 101 102 106 109 118 122 131 155 160 170 175 (more to come)

Let's make a deal....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My first MANTLE!!!! and some of his friends!!!

 With a swift and hefty bid I was able to knock off the entire All Star portion of the 1960 Topps last series of high number cards.  My first ever Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris cards are now in my possession and I could not be happier!!  The Aaron is my first non 70s Hank card so all in all a great haul for me and my wantlist!  Slowly but surely I am getting this 1960 set knocked out.
I haven't made any trades to further this set along so if you are working on the 1960 set as well and have cards to trade let me know, I have a few hundred extras to trade from so lets make a deal!

Monday, March 18, 2013

trade bait

Some random stuff to trade away and somehow I managed to pick out 2 Joe Nathan cards.  The Jepsen is numbered 24/100, nathan UD portraits is 12/99, Uggla auto is   45/199 and the Laporta chrome is 53/1960

Is anyone interested in any of these cards?  make an offer Please.... check out some of my wantlists or send me Ginter black minis!!!

Lets make a deal

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Collecting 1960 Topps.. 1st complete page!!!

 This makes the first true vintage set that I am collecting, well I am collecting others but, this is the first that actually have a want list for.  Something about the horizontal cards drew me to this set...not even sure why, though I must say I also really like the 56 topps set as well.  Yes, I am working on the 56 set also, so if you want to trade some of them let me know and I will see what i have for doubles there.  This is my first completed page of the the set and its not a bad first page to finish, a few future managers, a Pappa of a future manager, AND Whitey Ford AND Brooks Robinson,  who else could you ask for???  Well I suppose Mickey Mantle would be a good one to ask for, but besides that, this will do!
Of course after scanning in I realize that I am putting the horizontal cards in the wrong way in order to be able to view the backs of the vertical cards, but this is going to have to do as I have no desire to go through and change the way i have the cards in the pages.  The main thing I don't like about this set is the lack of career stats, but really that is a minor quibble.....  so what do you think of the 1960 set?
Oh I pd 90 shipped with insurance for the lot in the previous post, so looks I overpaid a bit, but I am happy with the cards and what can I say...I knocked off mays and banks so it will work.  I have a ton of doubles of these cards so I wont be putting up a list of them yet..... here are the 60s that I need.

Check out my current want list post for the 1960 topps want list!

Let's make a deal!!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Say HEY!! Let's Play 2! Awesome Ebay lot

I think this is the coolest ebay lot I have ever won.  My first Willie Mays and Ernie Banks cards, vintage edition, I mean what more needs to be said, that is beyond cool.  Now make it 2 Willie Mays cards along with a Hank Aaron, a Koufax leader card, a Pudge(get drunk and wander through a corn field version) plus a Jim Kaat RC AND you get the bonus Cecil Cooper appearance.  What more can you ask for?

Well how about an unmarked Mickey Mantle CL, a 75 Yaz, my first Juan Marichal card, a GARY CARTER rc AND a Denny Walling RC..... now that is an ebay lot worth writing about!!!  Now unlike most of my ebay purchases which usually involve me dumpster diving buying underpriced unwanted type of lots, this one I went premium.  Being new to buying vintage I wouldn't be surprised if I overpaid a bit for the lot.  The cool part is, I don't care if I did, but I would like to know or at least have an idea if i did overpay.  So I have to ask.  How much is this lot of 12 cards worth?  Or you can go with the other way of asking, How much did I pay?  

This post of course delays my posting of a 1960 Topps want list, so that will come at some point in the future.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

2008-09 UD Masterpieces Hockey Brown Border Wantlist

Finally back with another post....  and for the first time in a long time...its not baseball cards...but HOCKEY CARDS!!!!  GO PENS!!!! btw...might as well get that out there..  Seeing as how I do enjoy all things Masterpieces  it only makes sense that I would go after the Hockey set as well....I have gathered up enough of these brown border cards to give a wantlist a go...  Is there anyone else out there collecting these things????

Here are the cards I need:  7 16 19 20 21 26 28 29 30 33 34 45 46 48 52 57 64 70 75 80 81 85

Cards I have to trade: 1 5 8 9 13 23 24 35 38 39 40 42 43 51 56 60 62 68 69 72 79 86

lets make a deal!!!

Oh I should also add that it has gotten quite boring searching for the few obscure ginter minis I need to finish my I decided to branch out a bit....and decided to go after some vintage topps baseball sets.....  from 50s to the late 70s....  I have the 1960 set hardest so far for some reason...not sure why...I guess it spoke to me....I will be posting wantlists and trade list for it soon....of course the way I post soon could be in 6 months...  so yeah....

Anyone have any good advice for collecting vintage stuff? price points?  I know my ginter minis and masterpieces prices pretty darn well, but have struggled with the older stuff....  so far I haven't been too concerned about condition....but I know it has a huge impact on price....  any thoughts?  anyone else collecting 50s and 60s stuff that wants to trade?  let me know....  happy collecting all!!