Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trade Bait and general update

I have a ton of packages to get scanned in, I have gotten very lazy lately. That includes packages from Big D, roll out the barrell, sharpe since 92, cheap seat saints, Joe, and I think that is all. I have sent out the Trade Bait package that Beardy claimed, I have wicked's ready to go, as well lit's like having my own card shop. I am still waiting on hearing back from dayf, but he's the godfather so he can take his time. I have been to go through lists to put together a trade for Nachos Grande---I will get it done Chris! Oh and I have to put together a Reds package for Joe. so that is where I stand. I think.

As if my obsession with 08 and 09 ginter minis was bad enough already and since I have officially finished my 08 Goudey(woo hoo) I have expanded my Ginter collection....I have started chasing the extended minis from the rip cards....there are 50 of these from each year and I have like 12 of 08's and 13 of 09's. So if you have any of these that you dont know what to do with....I am chasing those sets! I have also picked up some silks and printing plates from 08 and 09. I havent been able to chase down any of the wood minis though. I will post the silks and plates at some point and I am willing to trade some of these if they are of players or teams that you collect.....I know I will never be able to collect the whole set of these, I just like some samples of each season.

I have also realized, thanks to sorting my 89 Score footballs to help with sewingmachineguys want list that I have a ton of 80's football and basketball for that matter that I can trade from. Right now when it comes to non-baseball I think I would like to add Virginia Tech alums in football and basketball and Xavier alums in basketball and Penguins in hockey.

I will have a want list up soon for 1982 Topps baseball. I found way more of these than I anticipated---looks like I need less than 50 of these.....though I may need to upgrade some of them.....these were well loved(or abused, I am not sure which!). Which means I have some of these to trade as well if you need any..... though if you are looking for mint cards... these will surely not fit that requirement.

catch ya'll later
Let's make a deal!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A&G back mini want list--UPDATED 7/20/10

Here are the A&G back mini Ginters that I need:

2009: 324 340

7 37 38 70 72 76 89 103 110 138 150 167 179 184 193 223 265 296 304 305 306 307 309 313 315 319 320 323 326 327 330 331 333 335 339 340 341 342 344 347 349

I am also looking for 08 and 09 black bordered minis as well.....just let me know what you have to trade, I will check and see if I need them.

Other Lists:

2009 Allen & Ginter


2009 Allen & Ginter mini needs/to trade:

Extinct Creatures: 2 3 4 5

LMT needs:DONE

regular back mini needs: DONE!!!

regular back minis to trade:3 3 6 6 9 18 21 21 22 26 33 33 34 40 49 62 62 64 77 78 83 89 90 91 94 100 101 101 106 119 124 126 129 144 148 149 151 155 156 156 183 186 188 190 191 194 197 197 202 204 207 209 213 216 217 222 230 232 233 240 245 249 250 250 252 261 263 263 270 272 273 274 281 283 283 283 291 292 293 294 301 302 306 309 318 318 319 319 320 321 332 332 332 338 340 340 343 348 349

2009 Goudey:

Done--thanks to Larry the sewingmachineguy!

207 208 211 213 220 279

I have these SPs to trade: 203 206 214 222 223 229 231 236 239 244 245 247 252 252 254 255 257 270 270 271 278 281 283 287 288 292 293 293 294 296 296 299

2008 UPPER DECK base set

260 292 293 295 296 297 338

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here is some stuff that I have that while it is neat and I like, well I have sets that I want to finish and I have a desire to get neat cards of players who I really like. These all seem pretty straight forward and all but the Thome are numbered.

Webb - 2005 Donruss Zenith auto 86/100 (what the hell am I trading this for--this card is cool)
Perez- 2009 Legendary Cuts 10/100
Palmer 2005 37/50
Mize 78/99
Quad 70/400
Gaylord Perry 115/125

Are you interested?

Trade from OFFY

This has taken me way, way,way too long to post and to make it worse it was such an awesome trade. I am so sorry offy for the delay. Here are some scans of the what I would say ate the highlights of a trade from a while back with offy from Offy's Sports Site. Thanks for the great trade.

This first group has a couple of 09 Ginter Blue Jay relics....which is something I never got in 08 Ginter--Blue Jay relics....so that is a win. Also handful of bordered Masterpieces......I am always game for Masterpieces especially the parallels! I will take any of them you would like to trade me, for sure. Then to finish off this group a couple of early Carlos Delgado as a catcher cards. I don't have many of these, seeing as how I wasn't collecting during this time frame, and that is my only Delgado in catcher gear card, so, well that is nice.

I guess I can now call these a group of former Blue Jay greats. An awesome Cracker Jack Halladay and so much shiny, chromey goodness it hurts my eyes, well not really but you get the picture. I mean Chrome and Turkey Red, that is all kinds of WIN!!! I am still amazed whenever I get a Pinnacle card, those things are awesome. I would have went broke collecting those sets! Oh a Robbie getting ready to slide past Tony Pena for a score and an UD shiny reflecty Alomar that is just cool.

Thanks again OFFY and I will never be this lazy in posting a trade, or at least I hope not.

Oh and I did get some good news this evening, my missing shipment has been found!! It made only took like 3 plus weeks and all because I was an idiot and put the wrong address! U.S. Postal Service for the win........I not so much!

As always lets make a deal!
and coming soon---trade bait!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Looks like a mega deal of Halladay to the Phils and Cliff Lee to the Mariners......it had to happen, I guess....still it is a sad day. Still waiting for word on who the Jays get.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Or at least pending the arrival of my ebay purchase of the elusive Sidney Crosby card! I have a ton of these SP's so if you are working on this set let me know....I got SP's to trade. I know I have traded this set with a good number of you but I know there are more of you out there that need some of these SP's.

Now I just need 316 from the 09 Ginter base and that set will be done. I got 128 in the mail today and I think 65 is pending in a trade. It is nice getting these want lists finished off.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cards from the TROLL

I have been very slow in getting these posted. I got another package from the TROLL a while back. I know it had a bunch of 2009 A&G minis that I needed and a couple of relics from 08 Ginter as well. We have all seen all of these cards so I just pulled a couple to scan. I can't remember if there were any other cards in the package or not.

A couple of quick updates: I am down to needing 3 cards from 2009 A&G base: 65 128 316
5 cards from 2009 A&G regular back mini: 5 132 136 260 311
1 card from the 2008 A&G regular back minis: 350
I am also down to just 90 more from the 09 A&G ad back mini set as well.

It looks like I have hit my first snag in a trade. A package that I sent out about 2 weeks ago hasn't arrived yet, total bummer.
I have a random package from Dan, the Cheap Seat Saint, that I need to get scanned in as well.
I am working on a couple of trades as well, and I will probably post a most wanted list and also list some trade bait. If you are looking for 2009 A&G minis my list for trade in a previous post is accurate.

Well that is all.

Let's make a deal.