Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well here is the link to Keith Olbermann opening 2 packs of cards on last night's show. The first was a 2010 pack and he also opened a bonus pack of 1967 Topps...... lets see how long this link works:

That is the only 1967 card that I know I have.... and it is of course of my man Wilver Dornell Stargell.... I love my Wilver cards and my next post will feature some "Pops" cards that I received from larry the sewingmachineguy and the gloriously wicked ortega. When they actually get that posted....well who knows......but it will be the next post.

Friday, February 05, 2010

83 Topps from the TROLL--added 82 Topps want list

I dont even know that you can call the exchange of cards from OH to the land of the TROLL, trades anymore. As evidence I present these top notch cards of 3 HOFers and a degenerate gambler that were among a much larger package of over 100 cards off of my 83 Topps wantlist. No official trade, but this is the way the world famous TROLL rolls. If per chance you do not know where you can find the TROLL..... here is where you can find him.

Thanks to the TROLL and Larry the sewingmachineguy ....who have destroyed my 83 Topps want list, so much so that I only need 6 more cards. Thanks guys!

83 Topps wants:

151 175 512 636 761

82 TOPPS wants:

21 25 30 80 85 88 118 119 127 148 171 188 198 208 226 234 268 320 331 342 356 357 364 373 393 399 490 502 508 578 603 619 651 658 680 681 701 706 715 722 737 744 770

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Trade with the Bearded one

Here are a few cards that I got back in a trade done with the infamous arch nemesis of one thorzul. Yep I did a trade with Beardy who can also be found here in his new joint venture with mojo. I have no idea who is Jerry and who is Newman in this Seinfeldian feud of Beardy and Thorzul nor do I really care! It is amusing to all of us though. I may be a bit jaded as this here Pittsburgh Steelers fan did a favor for a certain fan of the Ravens and backed off of a Nick Markakis card....only to watch said Ravens fan go and lose the bidding on the card. Moral of the story: never expect a Ravens fan to do a damn thing right!
Oh I jest.....onto the trade...this was my eagerly awaited first trade with the world famous baseball card blogger Beardy...and it was worth the wait. By the any other famous bloggers out there who havent traded with me....Lets get it done! I am sure you have some A&G backed minis that I can use! Sorry bout that on to the trade:

WOO HOO my first Blue Jay ripped card!!! Awesome! I now have at least 15 of the 08 Rip cards(all ripped- of course). Those cards contained among other things the extended mini cards, which I am now collecting, in an oh by the way mention. Someday I will put up some scans of what I have of them. So if you have an extended mini or 2----I am interested in them for sure. He also sent some assorted 08 Ginter minis....I have included a scan of the Jays, he also sent some other A&G backs....but those hit my album immediately so no scans of them. Beardy also sent along a few 09 Goodwins...of which i only have a few, but I do like the ones I have. He sent a black bordered gypsy queen backed Vernon Wells....which I understand and he included a Brian Roberts and a Cal RIPken, which I suppose goes well with the other Rip card.
An awesome first trade no matter how you slice it. So thanks Beardy! I look forward to our future trades.

As always... Let's make a deal!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

2008 UD Masterpieces Black Frames

Well I really needed to post something. It has been awhile and I have a ton of trades that I really should get posted. Of course I am to lazy to do that, so in the spirit of posting about another wantlist!!!! Not so good for you, but maybe good for me.

I have decided to go after the 2008 UD Masterpieces Black Frame parallel set. Baseball and Football. I don't have a list yet for the football, but I do have a list for the baseball set. Here are the cards that I need.

2008 UD Masterpieces Black wants:

COMPLETE many thanks to iamjoecollector on this one!

2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green want list:

27 87

2007 UD Masterpieces Green Linen want list:

1 22 26 30 55

2008 UD Masterpieces Football black frame:


I have a number of doubles to trade. So lets make a deal!