Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wicked Stargells

Yes i am a lazy poster....hopefully I am not a lazy trader! Above are a mess of Willie Stargell cards I got from the awesome blogger Wicked Ortega. For me as a set collector, nothing beats getting cards in a trade that fill my wantlist, BUT a Masterpieces card of my all time favorite player Willie Stargell, well that sure does come close! Oh but it is not just any Masterpieces card it is a silver framed gem # 20/25. I love it! Of course i cut the whole right side of the card off in the scan. I got to say the whole bunch of these cards are nice, I mean a 3-D Kellogs card, SWEET! Thanks so much Don! I need to get some Marlins heading south for you at some point in the near future!

Oh btw these trades were completed MONTHS ago.... the second group of Stargell arrived from the north, oh not to far north just from the great state of Michigan courtesy of Larry the sewingmachineguy. Larry sent a whole bunch of cards including some 09 goudeys and a pile of 83 Topps, a bunch of Blue Jay cards and these awesome Stargells! I must say the Larry is one heck of a trader. Thanks again for dealing I am working on getting some more packages out. I have got the 08 Masterpieces black frame set completed! That is on awesome looking set! I am closing in on the 09 Ginter A&G backed mini set, as I need less than 20 to finish that off. Oh i some really neat stuff to get posted in the future, which means hopefully before 2011. Catch ya'll always lets make a deal!