Monday, August 22, 2005

Hello! My name is Duane Grassbaugh and this is my first blog post. I have created this forum to discuss some of my interests from politics to sports to farming to pop culture, I will cover it. I have to say with the events of the last few weeks there is plenty to write about. This week saw the latest release of dairy sire summary info, Ohio gov. Bob Taft getting found guilty of 4 ethics violations and the KC Royals losing 19 games in a row.

How can I put this; most of us knew that our absolute disaster of a Governor, Mr Taft was incompetent, we now can say he is a criminal. This first sitting Governor in the history of the State of Ohio to be indicted and he was convicted to boot. This is a disgrace and for the sake of the citizens of Ohio, Bob Taft should resign in disgrace and crawl back into whatever hole he came from, cause you can stick a fork in him, his political career is done. Goodbye Bob, thanks for ruining our state.

Bull proofs all I can say is Jet Stream and 29HO10493 Burt are the Holstein highlights for ABS, I far as I can tell.

How in the heck can the Royals take 2 in row from the A's to break the losing streak---youneverknow--- what I do know is Huston Street is one kickass closer for Oakland. I have been on the bandwagon all year and I will be expecting big things from him next year.

That should do it for tonite. I shall return.

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