Saturday, August 27, 2005

It now looks like our criminally incompetent Gov. Bob Taft, may have some more gifts that he failed to disclose on his ethics forms. I do not believe that these were just innocent mistakes by a busy public servant. Taft intentionally failed to report golf outings and game tickets and other items that were paid for or given to him by folks who were doing business with the state of Ohio. I have had to fill out those ethics forms, this stuff is all spelled out, you can't overlook it. They also spell out that failure to disclose or incorrectly disclose is a crime. I worked from the idea that if I wasn't sure about it....Report it. Just remember that you only have to report things that have a value of over $75 anything less than that and you do not have to report it. I'd like to know how many meals and golf games that were valued at less than $75 Taft received and legally didn't report. I believe that if you are an elected official you should not accept any gifts or have things paid for (of any $value) by anyone doing business with your branch or agency of the government.

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