Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013 RIP card part deux --- the double RIP edition

Yep new for this year are the double RIP cards, and it is tough getting used to the fact that these are going to cost a good bit more than the plain RIPs to become a part of my collection.  I was able to nab each of these for around $10 shipped which is more than double what i usually spend on RIPs, I tend not to go over $5 shipped for most all of my other RIP cards.    These all present quite nicely and it looks like none were ripped by some of the fools that destroyed some of the cards in my previous post.... must be the ripping a picture that makes folks a bit more careful.  

I like the Smoltz/Kimbrel card, though not a Braves fan I can respect the greatness of both of those guys.  The Cueto/Latos card is about as blah as you can get, meanwhile my favorite of the 3 is the Profar/Olt, and well really any card with Profar is going to be tough to beat.  I like the double RIPs especially if it makes people more cautious when ripping so as to keep the cards fully I just have to see about breaking out the real cash and buying myself an unripped double.

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