Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 RIP Cards

Thanks to this discussion over at home of the Play at the Plate, I figured I should go about showing off some of the RIP cards that I have.  It is safe to say I probably have more RIP cards than any sane person should, but well I may not be all that sane!

As you can tell by the front of these cards they all look like nice normal regular cards, well until you hold them as they are much thinker than normal cards.  Turn them over and that is where it gets interesting because as you can tell not all people who rip RIP cards are of equal talent or skill or competence.  I mean look at this variety of how this process is handled.

It is a shame to see how some of these cards are just destroyed.   That said I still love them all and so long as you just pay attention to the fronts of the cards they still display nice, but really there is no excuse for ripping the whole back off of one of these.  As folks who follow ginter know there was a new wrinkle added to the RIP cards this year and in my next post I may just show you what the new wrinkle is.  

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